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Transfers Between Programmes


Transfers within University College Cork to another First Year Programme

Registered first year students, who accepted a place through CAO may apply for a transfer. Students should make an appointment to meet the First Year Experience Coordinator in the Admissions Office before making an application. Please email the First Year Experience Coordinator, Nóirín Deady at to arrange.

The application deadline is 5th October, 2023.

The following requirements apply:                        

  • You must have the points required for entry to the course you wish to transfer to;
  • You must satisfy the minimum entry requirements for that programme;
  • There must be a place available.

Students should be aware that transferring between first year programmes after the start of term may impact adversely on their academic performance, depending on how much of the academic year they miss. Transfers are permitted strictly on the basis that students fully accept any such possible academic disadvantage.

Prior to submitting an application, students are required to discuss their options with the Head of the relevant School/Department of the programme they wish to transfer to.

Transfers at the end of First Year

Transfers at the end of First Year between programmes of study may be allowed provided that:
(a) the student has successfully completed First Year;
(b) appropriate subjects were taken in First Year to meet any Second Year prerequisites;
(c) subject entry requirements (if any) were met, e.g. Entrance Tests/Interviews etc.;
(d) there is a place available in the Second Year programme.

Students wishing to transfer must make an application by completing the online 'Student Request Form' on the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences website.

The closing date for receipt of these applications is one week before the start of the academic term 2023 for students who entered in 2022/23. For students who enter in 2023/24, the closing date for receipt of transfer applications is one week before the start of the academic term 2024. (except for students wishing to transfer from CK101 Arts to CK108 Arts International which has a closing date for receipt for applications of 30 August 2022, for students who entered in 2021/22 and 30 August 2023 for students who entered in 2022/23). The same conditions apply to students seeking transfers from other Colleges/Faculties.

Transfer from CK101 Arts to CK108 Arts International:

As well as the conditions outlined above, students who wish to transfer from the BA CK101 (Arts) to BA CK108 (Arts International) will need to have attained, in their first year summer examinations, a mark of 60% in one of the two subjects in which they wish to continue their studies in Year 2, with at least 58% in the other subject. Students must submit their transfer applications by the end of August of their first year, before registering for second year. Applications can be made online using the 'BA International transfer form'.


Subject to places being available, students who do not meet these criteria may be considered for transfer based on the merits of their academic statement, which addresses the potential for academic benefit during the year abroad in Year 3 (e.g. opportunity to continue to study a language which they had taken as a beginner in Year I, or other, significant, benefits to their academic development). Students will be assessed by the Course Director(s) and the Vice Head of College Teaching and Learning on the submission of an application form, accompanied with a strong letter of support from the relevant academic unit which outlines the academic benefits of the Year Abroad to the student in question.

Note: As the transfer details outlined above apply only in the case of admission to Second Arts programmes, students are also advised to apply for, and secure a place in the first year of the programme through the CAO. The Admissions Office should be contacted for the relevant closing date.

Transfer to Science in the College of Science, Engineering and Food Science

Students who achieve at least 55% in both Applied Mathematics and Mathematics in First Arts may be eligible to apply for transfer to Science in the College of Science, Engineering and Food Science (full details available from the College of Science, Engineering and Food Science).


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