Research Funding and Travel Bursaries

Doctoral Bursaries Spring 2022

Doctoral Bursaries Spring


The Graduate Studies committee in the College of Medicine and Health is inviting applications for up 10 Travel Bursaries and 20 Registration Bursaries to students registered for a doctoral degree (PhD/MD/Doctorate) in the College of Medicine and Health.

The purpose of these awards is twofold:

· To facilitate students who wish to present their work at an international conference.

· To facilitate the training of students who wish to acquire skills that are essential for their academic development, but which they cannot otherwise receive in UCC.

Student applicants can apply for:

1) up to €1000 in financial support that may be used towards the cost of travel, accommodation and registration fees for relevant conferences or training courses [Travel Bursary].


2) up to €500 in financial support that may be used towards the registration fees for relevant online participation at conferences or training courses [Registration Bursary].

Activities must take place between 11th April 2022 and 11th September 2022.


Programme guidelines, and the Application Form can be found here: Doctoral Student Conference/Course Bursaries

The deadline for applications is Friday, 6th May 2022.

Research Funding Opportunities

Research funding may be sought from national funding bodies, the main bodies being the Health Research Board (HRB), the Irish Research Council (IRC), Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), the National University of Ireland and the Universities Ireland North/South Scholarship scheme; from international funding bodies, including the European Commission through the Horizon Europe programme, Wellcome, and the US National Institute of Health (NIH) (subject to eligibly of any particular grant), and through charities and societies in a particular disease or research area, such as and The Irish Cancer Society and Breakthrough Cancer Research. 

These funding bodies put out calls (grants) for proposals which may be ‘top-down’, where the research idea is predetermined in order to address a particular policy or grand challenge, or ‘bottom-up’, where you are free to propose any research idea. Calls may or may not be aimed at a particular career stage. They may for open to a single applicant or an applicant team (consortium). For example, Fellowships are for single applicants and focus of the individual’s career development as much as the research idea. Keep an eye on their websites for open and upcoming calls. Research Professional is a one-stop-shop where you can find all available grants from every funding body or society.   

The funding landscape is complicated and difficult to navigate, so don’t hesitate to seek help from Ashleigh, the CoMH RMA (research management/administration) on 

Relevant current and forthcoming grants






Irish Clinical Academic Training (ICAT) 

PhD fellowship for medical students who are enrolled in the early stages of Higher Specialist Training; on an approved run-through Basic Specialist Training Higher Specialist Training programme or have applied for entry onto an approved Higher Specialist Training programme. The ICAT Programme combines clinical and academic training, leading to BOTH a PhD and CCST/CCT.  

OPENING April 2022 

*EOI = expression of interest. An initial short application which, if selected, precedes a full application.  

Travel Bursaries

Annual travel bursaries are offered through the Fulbright Irish Awards. Travel bursaries are also offered through professional colleges or specialist societies, available according to the area of study, so it is worth looking into what may be on offer within your field.  

Relevant current and forthcoming travel bursaries





NUI Travelling Doctoral Studentships

National University of Ireland  
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (including Business and Law)
  • Sciences (including Engineering and Architecture)
  • The value of a full Studentship is €26,500 per year for up to 4 years.

You can find the full range of NUI Awards 2022 at You can contact us at if you have any questions or if you would like further information.

Monday March 21 2022

Fulbright Ireland-USA  

Fulbright Irish Student Awards 

Grants for Irish citizens, or E.U. citizens resident in ROI for 3+ years, to complete postgraduate research in the U.S. for a period of 4 months, up to 12 months. Awardees can go to the U.S. to complete a Masters or PhD at a U.S. institution, or conduct research as part of a current postgraduate program in Ireland or the E.U.  

OPEN Aug 2022 

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