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05 Apr 2024

Episode 21 of the UCC Green Campus Podcast @ COP 28

In this episode of the Green Campus podcast, Ava O'Donnell (Greenshoots Communications Intern), interviews Dearbhla Richardson (Greenshoots Communications Intern, SU Environmental Representative and environmental activist) and Niamh Guiry (UCC PhD Candidate and environmental activist) about their experience at COP28.
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Where get I get my nature fix this Spring?
07 Mar 2024

Where I get my nature fix this Spring?

UCC is privileged to host a variety of green and blue spaces on its grounds. On main campus, we have numerous places where you can enjoy the benefits of time spent in nature. Some spots to note are: The Lower Grounds, which house the Glucksman Gallery UCC’s Wildflower Meadow, established in 2017 The President’s Garden, which is manicured but hosts an interesting diversity of trees The Hawthorn Sensory Garden, adjacent to the O’Rahilly Building UCC Community Garden on College Road, behind No. 6 Carrigside The River Lee, which is bordered by walkways across main campus
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20 Nov 2023

UCC Electrical & Gas Performance Academic Year 2022/23

The 2022/23 Academic Year marked a complete return to campus activities, as witnessed by the increased presence of students, staff, and numerous visitors exploring our grounds and buildings.
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10 Nov 2023

Degrowth: Exploring a Post-Growth Approach

The world has warmed by 1.2°C above pre-industrial levels. Despite progress in climate action globally, we’re not on track to keep warming at or below 1.5C1, as agreed internationally in the Paris agreement of 2015. At 1.2°C, we’re already witnessing devastating weather events and migrations of climate refugees. Predictions of how a warming world would affect life on earth have proven to be, in many instances, conservative. Fossil fuels are still being extracted and burned, the minority world or “global north,” continues to extract natural resources from the global south in an example of intra-species parasitism, and we are in an extinction crisis, with biodiversity being bashed from all angles.
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UCC looks to the future with local schools.

In March 2020 UCC celebrated  it's 10th anniversary of becoming the first University in the World to receive a Green Flag from the Foundation for Environmental Education.

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