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Getting to Grips with the COVID19 Community Charter

UCC has developed a Community Charter which is a set of principles for UCC’s students and staff to reaffirm their commitment towards the shared responsibility of protecting our community.

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Irish Language Course for Students

Every UCC student is welcome to apply for this course, especially if you are interested in the Irish language if you want to improve your Irish, if you would like to use Irish in the workplace or if you are studying Irish as an academic subject at UCC.

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Welcome to UCC

We know that this is an exciting time. Daunting too. You're starting a new chapter in your life. At UCC, we want to make sure you have the best experience possible and adjust to life as a student here. These pages will outline what happens next in your journey to becoming a UCC student.

UCC Bystander Intervention Module

What is the Bystander Intervention Module?

UCC's Bystander Intervention module is designed to enable a progressive and effective culture around the issues of sexual violence and harassment at university. This module seeks to not only enhance knowledge and understanding but also attitude and behavioural change across the university.

You must complete the Bystander Intervention module as part of your orientation.

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Need a little more help?

Meet the First Year Experience Coordinator

At UCC we have a dedicated First Year Experience Coordinator to help you adjust to life at university. If you need a little more help, get in touch with Nóirín.

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Ask a question

We also have a dedicated student FAQ portal. Get your questions answered.

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