Skill Sessions

Academic Development Skills 

Writing at third level can be scary. Being unsure of proper grammar, or not knowing exactly what you are being asked to do, can leave you unsure of yourself. Do not worry the Skills Centre Writing sessions are designed so that you can dip in and out of the sessions, or you can complete the full course. However, the Grammar Lessons are to be taken together; you sign up for one, then you sign up for all three sessions!

You can, of course, add to these sessions with Unpacking the questionHow to write an essayBuilding an argument and Editing and proof-reading.

Knowing how to engage with the material you are presented with can be difficult as there can be a lot! Developing critical thinking skills will help you not just to engage with the material but to establish the validity of the material and to look for bias.

The Skills Centre will also address skills that are often viewed as Personal Development skills. Increased confidence in Presentation Skills will stand to you both inside and outside of the academic environment. Augmented Digital Literacy and Citizenship will also aid in our student’s holding a responsible virtual footprint. These sessions are currently under development and will be available to book in semester two of the 2019/20 academic year. Please sign up here so that you are the first to know about the Skills Centre’s latest news.


Transition Skills

The pace and speed of university life differs from second level, between colleges, and even within degree programmes. The increased volume of work combined with a new environment may leave you feeling unprepared or struggling.

Many different elements must be mastered in this transitional phase. The Skills Centre Transition Programme is designed to help you settle into academic life. Practicing Time management,  and refreshing your study skills will allow you to become a self-reliant learner. Early engagement relieves exam stress at the end of the semester! Please view our full listing of Transition skill sessions below. 

One-to-one appointments 

Do you want feedback on your assignment before you submit? Are you unsure about the structure of your essay? Do you struggle with referencing? Are you confused about how to approach a difficult topic? If any of these issues seem familiar and you are looking for some advice, then please book a Skills Centre Writing Clinic. The Writing Clinics are one-to-one, thirty-minute appointments with our skilled Tutors.

Before coming to the session, we ask that you prepare a draft of an assignment and bring it with you to your appointment. On arrival, your tutor will ask you why you have come to the Skills Centre. This is your opportunity to discuss the specific issues and concerns you have in relation to academic writing. Your tutor will go through your piece of work and address the key areas of concern in order to help redraft and refine your assignment. They will give you advice on structure and on how best to focus on the question being asked. This personalised, detailed feedback will help you gain control of your writing and give you the tools to tackle future assignments with confidence.