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Sessions & Workshops

Developing your academic writing

Writing is a skill. It is a powerful communication tool that allows us to express thoughts and ideas to others. Being a good writer is something that most people aspire to. Writing is complex, requiring good structure and a multitude of skills. The Skills Centre can help you develop your academic writing and allow you to showcase your knowledge through our sessions and resources.

The sessions are focused on many common writing issues. You can explore the basics of “How to Write an Essay” and learn about the structure of written assignment. Additional sessions will teach you how to build an argument and weave that elusive golden thread through your essay. Sessions on “Unpacking the Question” will allow you to develop the skills to confidently approach your assignments. In our one-to-one “Writing Clinics”, you can bring a piece of writing to tutor who will provide feedback on the structure of your work.

Writing in the disciplines

The writing style you follow may differ between the types of assignment given to you in college. You will be expected to present your academic findings in different forms, these may come through group projects, presentations, reports and more.

We offer sessions on reflective writing, which is an essential and fundamental part of learning and professional development. Our 7-week “SPEAK Programme” will teach you the essentials of how to give a presentation and examine the intricacies of storytelling to an audience. By understanding the requirements of scientific writing and language, you can achieve a level of professionalism in your lab reports. 

The Skills Centre understands that students’ academic needs change throughout their time in college. Our sessions and resources will help you adjust and develop your skills within the disciplines, so you can successfully and efficiently communicate your arguments, ideas, and thoughts in your academic work.

Refining your academic writing

It is essential to understand the rules of writing and the basic structures to follow when writing in the context of academia. It is just as vital to refine these skills as you traverse through college. These sessions and resources on improving your academic writing are focused on many common writing issues.

Our session on making feedback work for you will teach you how to make the most out of advice you receive on your assignments, so you can learn from your mistakes and apply it to future work. In our designated skills sessions, you can also explore grammar, punctuation, and the structure of your sentences and paragraphs. Critical thinking helps you not just to engage with the material, but to establish the validity of the material and to look for bias. Please view our full listing of skill sessions below that will help you refine your academic writing.

Transitioning into college life

The pace and speed of university life differs from second level, between colleges, and even within degree programmes. The increased volume of work, combined with a new environment, may leave you feeling unprepared or struggling.

The Skills Centre's transitioning skills lessons are designed to help you settle into academic life and master the many different elements in this transitional phase. Learning how to be a college student will come from experience, but the Skills Centre provides useful resources so you can be prepared. While you adjust to college with us, you will learn useful skills like practicing time management and refreshing your study strategies with efficient note-taking techniques which will allow you to become a self-reliant learner. Your early development of these skills and engagement with college content will relieve exam stress at the end of the semester! Please view our full listing of “Transition Skill” sessions below.

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