Meet the team!

  • Name: Kathy Bradley 
  • Position: Skills Centre Co-ordinator

A UCC law graduate, with a Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and a Higher Diploma in Executive Coaching, she has chosen to specialise in working with students in the education sector.

Kathy has primarily worked with students returning to education or transitioning to a new educational phase and holds a particular interest in ensuring the students are fully equipped to engage with their chosen subjects.

She designs and delivers workshops at third level that provide the student with the tools to allow them to be more confident in their approach to learning.

Her positive engagement with academic and student communities allow for the workshop portfolio to remain current and fit for purpose, addressing student skill shortages and helping them transition to and through university life.

The Skills Centre, under her direction provides an active and responsive learning space for students seeking to unlock their potential and participate fully in their chosen academic discipline.




  • Name: Marian Elders
  • Position: Senior Executive Assistant

Marian attended UCC as a mature student and graduated with a B Soc Sc and an MA in Women’s Studies.  In addition she successfully completed a Post Graduate qualification in Guidance and support from NUI Maynooth.

Based on her educational background and experience of working with students, Marian will be able to help you make the most of the supports the Skills Centre has to offer.




  • Name: Ciara Murphy
  • Position: Access Support Administrator

Ciara Murphy graduated from UCC with a BA (Hons) in English & Sociology in 2018

She has worked in the Skills Centre in a few different roles, from her beginnings as a Skills Centre Ambassador to her current role as the Access Support Administrator.

She is on hand to assist students with any queries and endeavours to find practical solutions to any academic issues you may have.





  • Name: Yasmine Radwan
  • Position: Digital Intern

Yasmine is an undergraduate student in her third year studying Digital Humanities and Information Technology.

She currently manages the Skills Centre's digital platform, while also tutoring students the basics of computer skills.




  • Name: Mairead Roche
  • Position: Skills Centre Tutor

Building on a degree and Masters gained in UCC, Mairead is now in her second year of a PhD with the School of English.

Sandwiched between Masters and PhD has been a career path that includes having run her own business and being a film critic.

Communicating an enjoyable path towards education and the accomplishing of goals is her priority.

As a tutor, this is what Mairead endeavour to ingrain in all the students who have the excellent self-improving instinct to seek out the services of the Skills centre.



  • Name: Greg Casey
  • Position: Skills Centre Tutor

Greg Casey is an MPlan student at UCC, in his first year of the course.

He is a recent graduate of UCC, having completed his BA in Economics and Geography this year.

He believe that the sessions and services that are offered by the skills centre are a wonderful opportunity for students.

They help you develop and advance essential skills for their time at university and, indeed, beyond this time.





  • Name: Eadaoin Reagan
  • Position: Skills Centre Tutor

Eadaoin is a third-year PhD student in the School of English, having completed her BA in English and History (joint major) at UCC in 2012.

To Eadaoin, the Skills Centre is an invaluable resource for students at all levels.

The flexibility of walk-in consultations, one-to-one feedback sessions, and group modules means there is something for everyone.

It's been a great resource for Eadaoin as a tutor in the School of English for the past two years & many of my past students highly recommended the services. 




  • Name: Martin Plachetka
  • Position: Skills Centre Tutor

Martin has a BA in Business in Tourism & an MA in Applied Linguistics. He is currently in his final year of his PhD in Applied Linguistics.

His dissertation research is based on a cross-country comparison of the minorities living in the Czech Republic & Slovakia; particularly language use, culture & identity.

He believes that the Skills Centre is a great place where students can get help on various academic aspects.

It offers a welcoming & friendly environment where they can avail of both group & one-to-one sessions that are tailored to their learning needs.




  • Name: Robyn Cremin
  • Position: Student Ambassador

Robyn is a master's student studying criminology here at UCC.

She also completed her BA in criminology international in 2019.

Robyn is now an ambassador at the Skills Centre which means it’s her responsibility to promote all that the Skills Centre has to offer.

To Robyn, the skills Centre is a vital tool for both undergraduate and postgraduate students alike, and can offer assistance to even the most confident and experienced students.



  • Name: Anne Mahler
  • Position: Skills Centre tutor

Anne Mahler is a final-year PhD student in the School of English. She holds two undergraduate degrees in British Studies and Communication and Media from Leipzig University (Germany), and an MA in Victorian Literature from the University of Bristol (United Kingdom).

Apart from her work as a tutor in the Skills Centre, she also is a tutor and seminar leader in the School of English, and has experience in third-level and corporate teaching in Germany. She teaches group and one-on-one sessions, and has designed and implemented Skills Centre classes.

Anne holds a particular interest in academic writing and productivity. The Skills Centre offers her the opportunity to enhance students’ college experience, and provide a warm and welcoming environment for all students and visitors beyond mandatory classes. 




  • Name: Marnina Winkler
  • Position: Skills Centre Tutor

Marnina Winkler is a PhD student in the Study of Religions department. 

She has a Bachelors in Music with a minor in History from Utah Valley University and received a Masters in Ethnomusicology from University College Cork. 

Marnina’s PhD research topic is on the Jewish community of Cork through the Gerald Goldberg archives. 

She has been tutoring in the Skills Centre for the last year and is now a leader for the 2019-2020 academic year SPEAK program.




  • Name: Maura Bendix
  • Position: Skills Centre tutor

Maura is a first year PhD student in medicine, who has recently moved to Cork and UCC in January 2019.

Before then she lived in the Netherlands and Canada, with a short intermezzo in England.

She has studied Human Biology in her undergraduate degree, and has studied Medical Biology for her Masters.

Maura started tutoring younger pupils back during her time in secondary school, after working for several years during her summer break for a language school.




  • Name: Marian Caulfield
  • Position: Skills Centre tutor

Marian Caulfield has a BA in Music & an MA in Study of Contemporary Religions.

She has also worked as a class Tutor, & also Course Coordinator with the Study of Religions Department at UCC since 2014. 

Her studies the interconnections between the world of 'sound' and the 'transcendent'.

She has an interest in the practice of sounding grief, through the old Irish tradition of lament.