Postgraduate Supports

Postgrad Progression Sessions

Struggling to get that chapter of your PhD done? Join us for our Postgrad Progression sessions every Friday!

Here you can enjoy a dedicated, peer-led space to achieve your research and writing goals while interacting with fellow postgraduate students!

What to bring:

  • Keep cup and reusable water bottle
  • Fully charged laptop
  • Any piece of writing or research you are working on
  • Headphones (if you like!)

What to Expect: 

  • A welcoming and peaceful writing space for postgraduate students 
  • Timed writing/research slots of 45 mins
  • Self-service tea, coffee, and biscuits
  • Increased productivity and reduced feeling of isolation
  • A sense of community!

Postgraduate Pushthrough

The Postgrad Push-Through is a weeklong writing retreat hosted by the UCC Skills Centre. It is specifically designed to address the needs of PhD and MA students coming to the end of their respective research projects. This writer’s retreat offers a chance for postgrad students from all disciplines to meet, motivate, and exchange ideas and resources with one another.

The five-day event (with half days) involves writing time blocks to encourage accountability, guest speakers who discuss motivational and practical tools for project completion, and a networking space between the postgrads.


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Research Dissemination 101

Do you want to diversify your portfolio of literacy skills, distinguishing yourself in the academic community? Look no further. Our workshop series, Research Dissemination 101, introduces students to transferable writing and literacy skills. Specifically, we look at translating academic writing for non-specialist audiences, the publication process, writing abstracts, and applying feedback to your work.

These sessions are not specific to UCC's specific guidelines and should be applicable in virtually any environment. Our core objective is to introduce students to the publication process and research dissemination from a student perspective. By doing this we provide our first-hand experience of ‘learning the ropes’ and pass down the nuggets of advice we have accrued over time. These sessions may serve to complement existing knowledge being passed down by supervisors or serve to open a world of possibilities by informing you of the multiple uses you can potentially get out of your high-quality research. Here at UCC, we strive to elevate every student’s capability and aspire to give students every chance at success. So, you can pop down to the Skills Centre and avail of these sessions through our timetable. 

Here at the Skills Centre we offer a number of supports for Postgraduate students. From the Postgrad Pushthrough to our Postgrad Progression sessions every Friday, you can be assured that the Skills Centre can help you unlock your potential!

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