Digital Passport

Make learning easier with technology!

Make learning easier with technology!

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The Digital Passport  focuses on how technology can make your learning journey easier. Each session will focus on a different web tool or technology, (including your phone!) within a list of recommended tools that can be used in such a way to support your workload. 

You will be introduced to solid file management principles, touch typing and general assignment related skills.  Whether you are using Office 365 or Google workplace, formatting an assignment through Microsoft Word, or recording a PowerPoint presentation – having the digital competencies to use these tools will ease the assignment process. 

This programme covers topics such as digital file management, google calendar, the main components of Office 365, netiquette, and so on. By taking part in this course, you will increase your skills in digital literacy, which will help you manage your academic work. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop your digital skills
  • Widen the knowledge of technologies that you can use
  • Explore additional technologies that make reading and writing easier for you

This FREE 5-day programme will take place on the following dates: 

  • Monday 16th August to Friday 20th August
  • Monday 23rd August to Friday 27th August

*This programme is taking place online, and is open to students who are considering third-level education as an option for the 2021 academic year. 

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Digital Passport Sessions Schedule







9.00-9.15am Welcome and Introduction and instalation guides Welcome and Introductions Welcome and Introductions Welcome and Introductions Welcome and Introductions
9.15-11.15am Nettiquette & email LP- Wonderful Word and formatting Power point Making reading and writing easier (Google & Office 365) TBD 
11.15-11.30am Caffeine Chats Caffeine Chats Caffeine Chats Caffeine Chats Caffeine Chats
11.30-1.00pm Did you know your phone could…? Saving and file management  Animations and Transitions Learn on the go with sound file production GETTING READY & Answering Questions
1.00-1.30pm  Touchtyping Touchtyping Touchtyping Touchtyping Week winddown
1.30-2.00pm Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
2.00-2.15pm Reflect and Refuel   Reflect and Refuel    
2.15-4.15pm Mind-mapping   Recording on PPT    
4.15pm-4.30pm Weekday Winddown   Weekday Winddown    

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