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The Minute Methods

The Minute Methods series has been developed by Yasmine Radwan (Skills Centre digital content creator) and Kathy Bradley (Skills Centre Co-ordinator), along with the support of the Skills Centre team. This series is brought to you by the Skills Centre Avatars Joey, Millie, Steve and Eunice. The avatars have spent time with the Skills Centre tutors to create short snappy videos that will help you to develop good study habits and academic writing etiquette, all in just one minute.  

There is a lot to consider when approaching your studies and it is important that you find the best way to study for you. It is worth taking the time to explore different ways of covering your material. It can even help to have different strategies for different subjects. Minute Methods can help point you in the right direction, providing you with tips, strategies and approaches that you may not have considered before.  

From note-taking and study strategies, making the most of your lectures and exploring the different elements of your assignments Minute Methods has something for everyone. With a new video every week, the collection is continually expanding, covering even more FAQ’s students present with. If you have an area of academic learning you would like explored here, just get in touch  by emailing and we will ask the team to create a Minute Method just for you. 

Meet the Skills Centre Avatars!

Meet Joey.

o Name: Joey.
o Age: 19.
o Nationality: Cork, Ireland
o Hobbies: Gym, lads & socialising with friends.
o Degree: BComm.
o Subjects: Accountancy, Statistics and Management.
o Goals: Complete his course and become a businessman.
o Looking forward to: Meeting new people!

Meet Millie.

o Name: Millie.
o Age: 18.
o Nationality: Clare, Ireland
o Hobbies: Netflix & Studying.
o Degree: BA
o Subjects: English, Sociology, Geography, and Economics.
o Goals: Undecided. Possibly a secondary school teacher.
o Looking forward to: Living away from home!

Meet Eunice.

o Name: Eunice.
o Age: 33.
o Nationality: Lagos, Nigeria.
o Hobbies: Singing, creative writing, promoting sustainability and nature walks.
o Degree: Master’s in Public Health.
o Subjects: Health Promotion, Leadership and Management, Behaviour Change and Research.
o Goals: Advocacy for change in Climate Change and Refugee’s Maternal and Child Health.
o Looking forward to: Taking the next step to her dream job!

Meet Steve.

o Name: Steve.
o Age: 20.
o Nationality: California, American.
o Hobbies: Skateboarding, gaming & relaxing.
o Course: BEES.
o Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Agricultural Science.
o Goals: Successful career and proud parents.
o Looking forward to: Learning about environmental science!

Check out ' The Minute Methods' series presented by the Skills Centre Avatars!

Below you will find all of The Minute Methods on YouTube, you can also keep up with our Avatars journey on Instagram! The Minute Methods can help point you in the right direction, providing you with tips, strategies and approaches that you may not have considered before, all in under a minute. 

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