Climate Law & Governance for Engaged Citizenship

Online Digital Badge programme for first year, undergraduate UCC students

We are delighted to offer a short online course on Climate Law & Governance for Engaged Citizenship this semester.

This short course, offered by the Centre for Law and the Environment, School of Law UCC, creates a dedicated forum for first year undergraduate students to engage with, and reflect on, key elements of climate law and governance

The focus is on developments in climate law and governance in the contemporary Irish context.

Through a mix of online seminars (3 x 2-hour seminars), featuring opportunities for group discussion, and advance preparation of selected texts and other learning resources, this badge will develop your skills to engage in the ongoing public debate on the climate crisis.

The badge will provide a ‘taster’ for first year students with an interest in climate action and active citizenship.  Our aim is to harness the enthusiasm generated by student-led initiatives to date, and to equip students to participate effectively in climate policy debates.

The three seminars for this short course are expected to run over three consecutive weeks.

There will be a choice of assessment format: a 1,500 word report; or a 10-minute video.

This Digital Badge programme is part of our research project Teaching Environmental Law for Policy Innovation & Impact funded by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning in Higher Education and the Higher Education Authority.

Registration is now closed.

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