Academic Writing & Studying Resources

On this page you will find a variety of downloadable handouts covering important guidelines for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. These resources are based on common questions about academic writing, general skills and research, exam preparation and specific assignments within your course. When availing of these resources, they will help you unlock YOUR Potential! 

Our academic writing resources will help you from start to finish, ensuring a stress free formula for success! This information is based on the Skills Centre workshops, which cover unpacking your question, refining your academic writing skills and ensure you avoid pitfalls with paraphrasing and referencing

The academic skills and research guidelines we provide range from your approaches to lectures, personal time management and how to incorporate research into your assignments and the National University of Ireland marking scheme.

In addition, we provide specific resources dedicated to each type of assignment you may encounter in your course, such as, dissertations, reports, reflective writing, group work and presentations. Through these guidelines, you can develop a bespoke package for your individual learning needs.

 Finally, preparing for exams is something that happens at the end of every year. Even though we know that it is going to happen, this preparation is often pushed to one side or even put on the long finger and it can appear to sneak up on us. There is a wealth of information available to you about exams and how to prepare for them. Here, in the Skills Centre, we have pulled together some practical advice for you as you settle into your home study and revision routine that you can check out here.

Academic Writing

These downloadable resources guide you from the very beginning of an assignment to the final checks before submission. These will enable you to become more confident in your academic writing ability by using this step-by-step strategy

How to get a start on your assignment

What to know when writing your Assignment 

Double-checking and finalising your assignment 

Academic Skills & Research

This section contains practical skills, advice about using research and a guide to working with feedback. The practical skills will help you avoid becoming overwhelmed with the academic workload and also include methods to prepare for future deadlines. 

Within this section is information about using research, in terms of how you should think about the resources and how this develops in the form of an academic argument in your assignments.

The final section is about improving your academic skills with the advice given to you by lecturers and tutors. Students often ignore this because it is not easy to be criticised but this resource helps you to think about feedback in a different way and how it can be used in future assignments to improve your marks.  

Practical Skills for College Life 

  1. Time management
  2. Note-taking for academic reading
  3. Note-taking in lectures

How to Work with Evidence, Academic Arguments & Feedback 

  1. Critical thinking
  2. Critical reading  
  3. Evidence - incorporating research
  4. How to build an academic argument
  5. Counter arguments
  6. Making feedback work for you


Exams can be stressful for all students and these guides help you to be efficient and effective in your preparation, and also understand what your expectations should be. 

  1. NUI Band Marks
  2. Study strategies  
  3. Preparing for your exams

Specific Academic Assignments

Different modules and courses will often require specific assignments types, which you may not have encountered before. This section contains information that will help you to be more confident in your ability to meet the course criteria.  

You may also be dealing with a larger volume of work for the first time (not necessarily a dissertation), and this has impacted your motivation to complete the assignment. The following resources will offer you assurances as to what the academic expectations would be. 

Finally, group work and presentations are often seen as scary but these practical guides will help you to relax a little more and engage with the assignment ahead.  

  1. Academic style
  2. Reflective writing 
  3. Report writing 
  4. What to know about an executive summary
  1. Planning your dissertation
  2. A guide to abstracts 
  3. Literature reviews 
  1. Top tips for presentations 
  2. Group work