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Assignment Resources

The Boole Library Website has some excellent resources for you to help you manage your assignments. Make sure that you look at their information on planning your essay, help in identifying the resources that you need to research effectively, and it will even help you search the databases effectively. For those who are writing in the sciences, the Royal Chemistry Association offers guidelines around reading in the area. Additional advice regarding assignment preparation can be found on the Harvard Writing Centre Pages.

Building your academic vocabulary can be challengin, but being able to express yourself clearly using the appropriate language is a skill that takes time to develop and improves with practice. This fantastic Academic Phrase bank has been developed by Manchester University, we hope you find it useful.

IT Resources

There are excellent free resources available to you so that you can brush up on your Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) skills at home. These may also help if you are working on an assignment after office hours and need to format your work!

Remember as a UCC student you have full access to the G-suite through your email. This is a valuable resource and you should become familiar with it as soon as possible.

As the Skills Centre holds Microsoft Word computer skills sessions , please complete this little survey, it will help us to deliver the skills you need.

Other resources you may find useful:

If a student uses Office 365 it has excellent built in literacy supports called Immersive Reader.

Microsoft Immersive Reader is a free tool in Office 365 Online that supports literacy development for learners regardless of age or ability.

Immersive Reader uses proven techniques to enhance:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Language learning
  • Decoding for readers with dyslexia

 Please click here for broad overview of what it offers:

 Office 365 and all its tools are aimed at being used online. However, with the Immersive Reader Offline Extension you can use Immersive Reader without an internet connection.

 For those of us who have writing difficulties it is very important to work on developing touch-typing skills. Please see my pervious email for resources for this. MS Office 365 offers speech recognition which could be a powerful tool when writing/typing is not an option due to writing/stamina difficulties. Essentially it allows you to speak to the computer (in MS Word, Outlook and PowerPoint) and it will type what you say.

This video will show you what it offers:

Referencing & Plagiarism

The Skills Centre is located in the Boole Library in the heart of the UCC main campus. The staff in the library are a wonderful resource for all UCC students and strive to help in any way they can. Throughout September, a series of workshops will take place in the Creative Zone of the Boole Library. This is located on the ground floor.

Kick-start your academic journey by attending these 30-minute Library sessions. There is no need to book, just turn up.

Remember, additional information on how to reference can be found on the Boole Library Website.

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