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Creating and Maintaining a Professional Presence Online


This programme aims to enhance employability for students by allowing for civic and community engagement, global reach and potentially inter and transdisciplinary. Students will have the opportunity to engage with the work of others, and they will be encouraged to think about digital sustainability.

This course aims to equip students with the means to:

  • Identify ways to create & edit content in professional formats.
  • Choose how to express themselves & elaborate their work through the creation of simple digital means.
  • Independently, according to their own needs, will solve well-defined and non-routine problems.
  • Critically evaluate ways to create & edit content in different formats depending on context.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Create their own professional website.
  • Write for their professional digital environment.
  • Understand the concept of Creative Commons Licensing for their work.
  • Analyse different online writing platforms; their differences and similarities.
  • Critically analyse the concept of digital fluency and values fluency as it pertains to learner autonomy online

Learner Activities:

  • Create professional website
  • Write professional digital content
  • Integrate a social media element to the site
  • Apply appropriate creative commons licensing to the content Publish content online 

Assessment will be on the presented website and content - including text, images, links, navigation, social media, integration, appropriate referencing and licensing applied.

Registration for this programme is closed.

Skills Centre

Q -1 (Q minus 1), Boole Library,