Survive & Thrive: The ABC's of first year

4-week programme for undergraduate students

4-week programme for undergraduate students

Survive and thrive in your 1st year of university. This is a four-part programme, delivered by DSS, will introduce you to strategies to enable engagement with life at third level. Drawing on techniques from technology to positive psychology you will find new ways to engage with your work, the campus and those around you. This course will explore topics such as developing & engaging in daily mindfulness meditation practice to help improve your individual study style, as well as developing your technology skills for learning, which you can learn more about here.

This course will cover topics such as:

  • Develop your technology skills for learning
  • Create balance with college, hobbies
  • Learn about your individual study style 
  • Develop and engage in daily mindfulness meditation practice to help improve your study
  • Learn to use Read & Write for helpful supports
  • Mindful Meditation

Here is a list of some of the useful software and tools that will be covered in this programme: 

If a student uses Office 365 it has excellent built in literacy supports called Immersive Reader. Microsoft Immersive Reader is a free tool in Office 365 Online that supports literacy development for learners regardless of age or ability. Immersive Reader uses proven techniques to enhance:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Language learning
  • Decoding for readers with dyslexia

 Please click here for broad overview of what it offers:

 Office 365 and all its tools are aimed at being used online. However, with the Immersive Reader Offline Extension you can use Immersive Reader without an internet connection.

 For those of us who have writing difficulties it is very important to work on developing touch-typing skills. Please see my pervious email for resources for this. MS Office 365 offers speech recognition which could be a powerful tool when writing/typing is not an option due to writing/stamina difficulties. Essentially it allows you to speak to the computer (in MS Word, Outlook and PowerPoint) and it will type what you say.

This video will show you what it offers:

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