Skills Centre Radio Show: Write Here, Write Now

Radio Show: Write Here, Write Now

The Skills Centre team interviewed tutors and staff from across the university while they play some of their favourite hits, they talked about information on classes, how to access the Skills Centre sessions and some excellent hints and tips. Listen to some of the previously broadcasted episodes down below!



Episode One: Welcome to the Skills Centre

Our first episode introduces the Skills Centre and some of its tutors. Our guest speaker is Kathy Bradley, coordinator of the Skills Centre, who talks about the origins of the Skills Centre and all the things it has on offer to help you get the most out of your university education. A selection of our current tutors talk about the classes they teach and offer some of their top tips!


Episode Two: Speed Dating with Skills

Our second episode recaps our recent “Speed Dating with Skills” event where students were able to have ‘dates’ with skills like note taking, essay writing, and grammar and punctuation. Our guest speaker is staff tutor Damian Butler, who had a very busy table on the speed dating night, and he discusses his involvement with the Skills Centre and time management skills. 


Episode Three: Sources, References, and Plagiarism 

Our third show focuses on sources, references, and plagiarism with guests Anita Wilcox and Ann Byrne from the Boole Library. Anita discusses the importance of referencing and how to avoid plagiarism, while Ann talks about the many resources available in the Boole Library and the Green Campus campaign. 


Episode Four: Essay Writing

Our fourth show covers common mistakes when writing essays and how the Skills Centre can help you to improve your essay writing. We also talk about formatting, layout, and the importance of a thesis statement. The show features Caroline Schroeter, Patricia O’Connor, Loretta Goff, Kristina Decker, and special guest Dr Maureen O’Connor.


Episode Five: All about Exams

This week we are delighted to go through some exam preparation. We are thrilled to welcome Dr Eithne Hunt and Dr Edel Semple to the studio for their advice. Caroline Schroeter, Patricia O’Connor, Loretta Goff, and Kristina Decker welcome Kathy Bradley, Skills Centre Coordinator, back to discuss exam time and the Skills Centre Exam Bootcamp.


Episode Six: Paragraph Structure

Caroline, Loretta, Trisha, and Craig speak to Dr Barry Monahan from the School of English about how students can improve their grammar, paragraph structure, and punctuation. Loretta talks about sentence structure. Mervin O’Driscoll from the School of History and Trisha from the School of English discuss what you should do to create the perfect paragraph.



Episode Eight: Presentation Skills

This week Skills Centre Tutors, Caroline, Kristina, Patricia and Craig are joined by Brenda Nestor of the Career Service and Scotty Walsh, of the Department of Theatre who delivers on the Skills Centre SPEAK programme. Tune in and discover how to deliver the best presentation you can. Remember you can apply to join the SPEAK programme on


Episode Nine: Editing and Proof-reading

Presenters Trisha, Loretta and Kristina welcome Dr Ciara Chambers, author of Ireland in the Newsreels and lecturer in Contemporary Film and Screen Media as they discuss the importance of editing and proof-reading. Special thanks to Colette McKenna, Director of Library Services, University College Cork for sharing insights to the library space and the wonderful team that engage with all library users. 


Episode Ten: Academic Writing Styles

Presenters Caroline, Loretta, Kristina, Trisha, and Craig chat all about Academic Writing Styles. With special guests Niamh Prior who is a creative writing student, Justin McCarthy who is a Senior Lecturer and Science Foundation Ireland Investigator in the School of Biochemistry & Cell Biology, and Clíona Ó Gallchoir who is a lecturer in the School of English.

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