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Avoiding Errors in Reasoning

This digital badge exposes participants to different approaches to reasoning drawn from philosophy, history and law. Participants will examine common mistakes in reasoning (philosophy), how to reason about events with multiple complex causes (history) and the structural features of arguments that support the reaching of defensible conclusions (law). This course aims to bring together the strengths of our different disciplines to equip students to recognise and apply successful reasoning strategies.

Badge Criteria:

Having engaged with preparatory materials and group discussions online, participants will attend a workshop at which they will collaborate in guided analysis of practical examples. Potential participants might include students and staff who wish to improve their critical thinking skills, to develop a capacity to articulate and defend their reasoning processes, and to identify grounds for reasonable disagreement as well as agreement.

This badge is awarded to workshop participants who have completed an assignment demonstrating skilful interpretation and application of a range of different approaches to reasoning and who have reflected on their own reasoning process based on face-to-face learning and peer exchange.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify common errors in reasoning
  • Evaluate real world examples of reasoning processes
  • Demonstrate awareness of different approaches to practical reasoning
  • Participate in collaborative discussions about reasoning processes

Registration for this programme is currently closed.

Skills Centre

Q -1 (Q minus 1), Boole Library,