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The Skills Centre is delighted to welcome new and returning students to campus. Book a one-to-one or find out more below!

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SPEAK - Digital Badge

Successful Presentations- Effectively Articulating Knowledge (SPEAK) is a presentations development programme that is designed to enable participants to create and deliver effective presentations. The SPEAK programme is a wonderful opportunity to become more comfortable and confident with public speaking by discussing presentation delivery, mapping/structing ideas, PowerPoint planning, and presenter styles. Also, after completing SPEAK Summer Sessions, you will receive the SPEAK Digital Badge confirming you have taken a public speaking course! Registration for SPEAK is now open for first semester. Sessions will start from October 9th and take place every Monday at 11am for 7 weeks. Sign up below.

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Asynchronous Essay Feedback

The Skills Centre offers UCC students personalised feedback on essay structure & style, and other queries you may have. You will have the option to upload the work you would like reviewed by a tutor at a later point in time. Our tutors will review your writing and provide you with some helpful feedback on how you can improve your academic writing. Please also note that students are restricted to availing of this service three times a month

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Need a quiet environment to work on your assignments or thesis? Shut up and Write is a dedicated space where you can achieve your writing goals! Join us every Friday from 9am-1pm in the Skills Centre

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Assignment Calculator

The Assignment Calculator gives a clear step-by-step guide on how to approach your essays in an efficient way, which you can apply to your own work to unlock YOUR potential. Learn to break down the steps of writing an essay into achievable stages and help plan your college work in advance without feeling overwhelmed!

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UCC Skills Centre

The Skills Centre provides a dedicated, responsive and active learning space for the enhancement of study and writing skills. Our goal is to enhance the student experience through the provision of customised workshops, sessions and online resources. We offer a free and friendly place for all UCC students to come and improve their study skills, writing technique and presentation skills.

Skills Centre

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