Digital Skills

The Skills Centre offers a variety of Digital Skill sessions for students that focus on how technology can make your learning journey easier. Each session focuses on a different web tool or technology, (including your phone!) within a list of recommended tools that can be used in such a way to support your workload. 

You will have the opportunity to be introduced to solid file management principles, touch typing and general assignment related skills.  Whether you are using Office 365 or Google workplace, formatting an assignment through Microsoft Word, or recording a PowerPoint presentation – having the digital competencies to use these tools will ease the assignment process. 

The Skills Centre Digital Skill sessions cover topics such as digital file managementgoogle calendar, the main components of Office 365netiquette, and so on. By taking part in these sessions, you will increase your skills in digital literacy, which will help you manage your academic work. 

IT Clinic

Do you struggle with formatting your assignments through Microsoft Word? Creating Presentation slides through PowerPoint? Are you looking to improve your Digital Skills to enhance your time at university? Well, you can book into an IT Clinic! An IT clinic is a 30-minute one-to-one appointment with one of our trained, undergraduate tutors, that can help you improve your digital literacy skills.

Whether you are hoping to use text-to-speech for editing your assignments, study more efficiently with online flashcards or mind maps, or simply get the hang of google calendar to manage your time better – our undergraduate tutors can support you!

Simply book your appointment below and let us know what you would like to go through in the appointment with your IT Skills tutor. Many of the topics that can be covered in an IT clinic and listed through our Digital Skill Sessions & Resources which can be found here -

*Please note, the IT Clinics are there to help you improve your digital literacy skills, if you are having an issue or problem with your phone/laptop, IT services have a support service for students with IT issues.

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