Health, Wellbeing and Disability


Policy TitleLast Review DateFile
Disability Support Service Code of Practice   Unknown DisabilitySupportServiceCodeofPractice2013-2014.pdf 
Reasonable Accommodations Guide for Lecturers Unknown Reasonable_Accommodations_Guide_for_Lecturers_final_VM_ammends.pdf 
Correcting the Work of a Student with a Specific Learning Difficulty Unknown GuidelinesforCorrectingtheWorkofaStudentwithaSpecificLearningDifficulty.pdf 
Clear Print Guidelines Unknown ClearPrintGuidelinesDSS.pdf 
Guide to using an Electronic Reader in Exams Unknown GuidetoUsingAReaderinExams.pdf 
Guidelines to Using a Scribe Unknown GuidelinesforUsingaScribe.pdf 
Procedures for Extensions, Deferring and Splitting Unknown ProceduresforExtensionsSplittingandDereffing.pdf 

Health and Wellbeing

Policy TitleLast Review DateFile
Procedure for Responding to Reports of Missing Students 15/01/2016 Protocol for Responding to Missing Students 
Student Alcohol Policy 22/11/2013 UCC Student Alcohol Policy 
Guidelines for the Support of Pregnant students 02/12/2011 Guidelines for the Support of Pregnant Students 
UCC Student Mental Health: Policy for Staff 04/10/2019 

UCC Student Mental Health: Policy for Staff 

Student Mental Health : Policy for Staff: Desktop Guide

Student Ombudsman Terms of Reference Unknown Student Ombudsman Terms of Reference 
UCC Protocol on the Death of a Student 22/01/2010 Protocol for Responding to the Death of a Student 

Academic Affairs and Governance

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