Academic Strategy

Academic Strategy Priority 6

Academic Strategy 2018-2022

Priority 6 

Reform academic governance such that innovation is enabled, coherence is restored and risk is reduced.

Priority 6 includes 7 actions:

28. Review and reform academic decision-making authority.
29. Review and enhance Programme Approval Processes.
30. Redesign and optimise the Exam Appeals and Mitigation processes.
31. Undertake a review of semesterisation and address any challenges identified.
32. Create a register of programmes subject to accreditation to facilitate oversight of associated criteria.
33. Capture and regulate non-standard academic arrangements.
34. Develop a policy for the withdrawal of academic awards.
35. Develop an online Academic Policy Portal.

The objective of this priority is to ensure that the university provides clarity and coherence on academic policies and regulations, that work optimally, and that are observed consistently.

Find full details including progress and plans on the Academic Strategy 2018-2022 website.

Academic Affairs and Governance

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