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Measures for Exams & External Examiners

External Examiners: In-person visits or remote external examining  [Updated for 2021/2022]

The position of the External Examiner Subcommittee ​(approved by Academic Board [AB]) is that external examiners may visit during 2021/2022 if the academic unit and external examiner are in agreement, subject to current public health guidelines. ​Please note however that the mandatory visit policy has been waived for the remainder of th​e 21/22 academic year due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

In the case of remote external examining, the following will continue apply:

  • External examining will be facilitated through videoconferencing and/or through delivery of sample papers to the External Examiner in digital or physical format. Schools or Departments may, in some cases, arrange for videoconferencing between External Examiners and students. Programme Coordinators should confirm with their External Examiner which format they wish to use, considering efficiency of operations and the maintenance of academic standards. Secure transfer of information is paramount.
  • Payments for External Examiners will be processed as usual on receipt of the Examiner Report. Please note, while External Examiners will not be incurring any expenses, External Examiners must still complete the Fee & Expenses Claim Form and submit the same to the relevant Head of Department for approval and processing. Any expenses related fields can be left blank.
  • Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate External Examiners are still entitled to the standard fee of €250 per day, up to a maximum of 2 days. Usually, these two days correspond to the External Examiner’s annual visit to UCC, but it was agreed that this fee would instead cover attendance and preparation for remote Examination Boards.

IT/Technical Guidelines for Collaboration with External Examiners

Advice and IT/Technical Guidelines for Academic Units Collaborating with External Examiners - Covers key technical, security and platform based queries.

IT/Technical Guidelines for Collaboration with External Examiners

External Examiners Overview

The fundamental role of the External Examiner is to assure academic standards and advise on the quality of teaching, learning and assessment.

The External Examiner confirms that the academic standards of programmes, modules and the awards to which they lead are consistent with the academic outcomes specified, and are comparable to those achieved in the subject area in equivalent universities internationally.  

External Examiners for University College Cork are appointed by the Senate of the National University of Ireland, having considered the recommendations of the University.

Guidelines for External Examiners

Guidelines for External Examiners Includes information on the role of the External Examiner and role of the Head of School/Department/Discipline

External Examiner Report

External Examiner Report Form

Please return the completed Extern Examiner Report to externexaminers@ucc.ie

Online External Examiner Nomination Form (for Taught Programmes)

Online External Examiner Nomination & Extension Form (for Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate Programmes)

Please click below for the link to the External Examiner Nomination & Extension Form. This form can be completed by all UCC staff members via their standard Microsoft/Office 365 logins*.

External Examiner Nomination Form


Annual Closing Date for Nominations:

The closing date for the nomination of new External Examiners is 10 working days from the first day of Semester 1. That date may be varied in the event of resignations/terminations or other exceptional events.


Criteria for External Examiners

Please refer to the UCC Guidelines for External Examiners and the Briefing Note to Colleges (June 2017) for the required criteria for external examiners.


Information required to complete this form:


UCC Academic Unit Details

  • College/Management Unit:
  • Academic Unit


UCC School/Department Administrative Contact Details

  • Admin Full Name (Title, First and Surname), E-mail & Telephone
  • Secondary Admin? If so, same details as above.
  • Head of Academic Unit Full Name (Tile, First and Surname) & E-mail address


Proposed External Examiner Details

  • External Examiner Name (Title, First and Surname)
  • External Examiner Position & Current Institution of Employment of External Examiner:
  • External Examiner Address for Correspondence & Telephone:


Programme Details

  • Subject Area & Programme Name(s)
  • Module Code(s) - if the entire programme is not examined (separated by commas):
  • Year(s) of Study Examined:
  • Does the proposed External Examiner have previous experience as an External Examiner in UCC within the last 5 academic years?
  • If yes, please state year(s) from - to:
  • Is this form for a new appointment of an external examiner or a proposal for a 1 year extension?


Nomination or Extension Details, Duration & Supporting Statements (Branching Depending on answer to Question)

  • Name of outgoing External Examiner (if applicable): (ONLY APPEARS IF ‘NEW APPOINTMENT’ WAS SELECTED)
  • Start Date of Required Appointment/Extension
  • End Date of Required Appointment/Extension
  • Statement in Support of Nomination/Extension


Conflict of Interest

  • Does this nomination present a potential conflict of interest that should be addressed via UCC's Conflict of Interest Policy?


*For more information on Office 365, please see (this page includes a FAQ and How-To Guides):


Briefing Note to Colleges

Provides additional details and criteria for the nomination of external examiners.

Briefing Note to Colleges 2017


Procedures for Processing Fee and Expense Claims & Claim Forms

Fee & Expense Claim Form - External Examiners

Procedures for External Examiner Expenses Claims

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