A-Z List of Documents



Academic Protocol for Responding to Students who Encounter Difficulties on Study Abroad Programmes 

Advanced Entry

Applicant Appeals Procedure

Applicant Complaints Procedure

Attendance Policy


Best Practice on PhD Students Studying Remotely

Biological Waste Policy 


Campus Companies Policy

Centre for Continuing Professional Development Governance Framework

Centre for Continuing Professional Development Policy and Process Document 

Cessation of a Subject/Discipline policy

Clear Print Guidelines

Collection and Use of Student Feedback  

Contract Research Overhead Distribution

Correcting the Work of a Student with a Specific Learning Difficulty


Deferred Entry 

Designing, Delivering and Assessing Group work policy

Disability Support Service Code of Practice  


Employment and Career Management Structure for Researchers Policy

English Language Requirements for Non-Irish EU applicants

Establishment of University Spinout Companies

Examination Appeals Process for Postgraduate Research Degrees 


First Year Change of Course

Fitness to Continue in Study policy 

Fitness to Practise policy 

Framework Policy on Joint PhDs


Gender Expression & Identity Policy 

Governance of Research Institutes, Centres and Units

Guidance Document for Conducting Internet Research 

Guidance for SREC applicants

Guidance for Researchers conducting Research with Vulnerable people

Guide to Examinations for Staff and Students 

Guide to using an Electronic Reader in Exams

Guidelines for External Examiners 

Guidelines for the Submission and Examination of Dissertations in Taught Masters

Guidelines for the Support of Pregnant students

Guidelines to Using a Scribe



Intellectual Property Policy

Intellectual Property General Provisions

Interdisciplinary Programmes at UCC

Investigating Allegations of Plagiarism in Research Theses





Management of Research Industry Debt Policy

Medical Applicants not in Good Standing



Open Access to Publications policy 

Overarching Admissions Policy


Phd by Prior Published Work

Plagiarism Policy

Policy for recording live teaching to assist student study

Policy Framework for Digital Badges 

Policy on the Supervision of Research Students

Policy on Viva Voce Examination for Research Students

Procedural arrangements for External Contract Research

Procedure for the Award of a Posthumous degree- Postgraduate Research Award

Procedure for the Award of a Posthumous degree- Taught Undergraduate or Masters Programme

Procedures for Extensions, Deferring and Splitting Examinations/Year of Study

Procedures for the Submission and Examination of Theses for PhD

Procedures for the Submission and Examination of Theses for Practitioner Degrees

Procedures for the Submission and Examination of Theses for MD

Procedures for the Submission and Examination of Theses for Research Masters

Progress Review Policy for Research Students



Reasonable Accommodations Guide for Lecturers

Recognition of Courses or Modules taken externally for Research Students

Recognition of Prior Learning Policy 

Recognition of Prior Learning Policy for Research Students

Regulation on Appointment to Research Professorship 

Research Data Management policy 

Research Overhead Rates Policy

Responding to Reports of Missing Students

Resolution of Difficulties as a Postgraduate Research Student

Risk Management Policy 


Starting Position for Negotiating Third Party Contracts

Statement on General Contractual Considerations

Student Alcohol Policy

Student Charter

Student Complaint Policy

Student Garda Vetting Policy

Student Ombudsman Terms of Reference

Student Placement Policy

Student Withdrawals Policy


Temporary Cessation of Registration (Leave of Absence) for Research Students

Temporary Cessation of an Academic Programme

Terms and Conditions governing offers of admission to UCC

Third Party contract Research


UCC Code of Research Conduct 

UCC Consultancy Policy (Gaeilge) 

UCC Policy on University Consultancy, Directorships and Other Remunerated Activities

UCC Protocol on the Death of a Student

UCC Spinout Company Policy Statement

UCC Student Mental Health Policy: For Staff

UCC Student Rules

Undergraduate Flexi Options Policy

Use of Commercially Available Materials for Online Assessment 


Academic Affairs and Governance

Gnothaí Acadúla agus Rialú