Policy Title Last Review Date File
UCC Guide to Examinations and Assessment for Staff and Students  22/11/2023 Guide to Examinations and Assessment v13.1
UCC Plagiarism Policy 22/11/2023 Plagiarism Policy
Procedures in Examination Hall March 2019  Procedures in Examination Hall
Submission of Medical Certificates - Where medical certificates are submitted
Granting of Honorary Awards 07/10/2022 Granting of Honorary Awards

Reasonable Accommodations

This policy is intended to ensure that students with disabilities/learning differences/significant ongoing health conditions may access a holistic learning experience on an equal footing to all members of the UCC community. This policy provides a framework for the provision of Reasonable Accommodations for students with disabilities/ learning differences/significant ongoing health conditions who have registered with Disability Support in UCC.

Policy Title Last Review Date File
Reasonable Accommodations Policy for Students with Disabilities 16-06-2023 Reasonable Accommodations Policy

Academic Affairs and Governance

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