Welcome back to another exciting new academic year

The campus is again buzzing with anticipation as a new year of learning, teaching and experiences begins! Remember it’s an exciting time for students so always make your voices heard! #uccstudentvoice #ucclistens

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Who knows more about the Student Experience than you

Student Survey 2019

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You Said and We are Doing

UCC is entering a period of significant change, the new Academic Strategy aims to build connections to provide curricular coherence and to enhance the student experience

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ISSE is a powerful tool for supporting enhancement of the experience of students and staff in higher education

The feedback that you provide is integral in order to improve the quality of services that UCC provides on your student journey.

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1. You said detailed feedback, including exam feedback, helps you make progress academically.

As part of the Connected Curriculum, assessment practices will be aligned with learning outcomes

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2. High quality academic support and online resources are important to you, particularly when making study choices

Together with our very well received tutorial sessions run across all disciplines, a new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) will be implemented in the coming months, just in time for the next Academic Year.

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3. You said that you would like us to offer more online learning opportunities.

UCC is committed to ensure flexibility in the delivery of our programmes, to strengthen the provision of online programmes and enhance access to lifelong learning and greater CPD opportunities.

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4. More focus on ‘personal development’ and 'employability' and the ways in which a UCC degree allows you to apply what you have learnt in a real world context.

UCC is committed to supporting the development of graduate attributes which are considered important and seen as vital to employers as you embark on your career.

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5. You would like UCC to provide an even friendlier and sociable environment community of students and staff.

A place where learning is social; the Student hub building will provide “rich opportunities for formal and informal learning creating a 21st century university experience and engaging students and staff in a unique educational and student experience” Coupled with our investment in a new digital hub, our students will be able to access and engage with our services anytime, anywhere.

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6. You’ve told us that support and access to wellbeing training throughout your time at university really matters.

This year we have increased the range of mental health services available and developed initiatives to increase resilience and reduce feelings of isolation. The Student first responder and bystander intervention programmes have been successfully rolled out to the local community. This adds to the wide range of support services there for you when you need them

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University commitment

Hearing from students through university-wide surveys (particularly ISSE) about their learning experience is incredibly informative and gives the University valuable data on good practices, as well as practices that may need further development. This information can then be used to inform and prioritise decisions and policies to enhance the student learning experience.

University Student Surveys Board

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