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According to the StudentSurvey.ie Interim Results Bulletin, which contained the results of nearly 50,000 student respondents across 25 HEIs into the impact of COVID-19 on their experience of higher education

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2020 has been a year like no other so we spoke to first year students on their thoughts of this year's survey results

Siobhán Nic Fhlannchadha

StudentSurvey.ie Project Manager

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Who knows more about the Student Experience than you

Student Survey 2021

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"What do you think your institution is doing well? Where could they improve? How have you found being a student there and what is life there like for you? We want to know…"


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You Said and We are Doing

UCC is entering a period of significant change, the new Academic Strategy aims to build connections to provide curricular coherence and to enhance the student experience

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Student Survey.ie is a powerful tool for supporting enhancement of the experience of students and staff in higher education

The feedback that you provide is integral in order to improve the quality of services that UCC provides on your student journey.

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1. You said that you would like for lectures to become more interactive and utilise the technology available

A combination of pre-recorded lecture/workshop content using lecture capture software broken up into multiple smaller segments with Live Q&A discussions and individual/group activities, coupled with zoom recordings, google classroom and audio recordings are just some of the formats being utilised this year.

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2. You said that you would like more targeted feedback putting an emphasis on the ways in which you could improve.

Feedback approaches across Schools and Departments was highlighted as varying substantially, with some detailed and enthusiastic and others less engaged. Developing a better and clearer feedback system in conjunction with examination feedback sessions will be encouraged.

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3. You asked for the addition of more group/collaboration spaces.

The Global Lounge in the Hub building is an informal learning space with flexible comfortable café-style seating layout in an open area. It is a creative learning and study space for group and individual work. Also, the Maker Space on the ground floor provides a unique space for people to relax & work together in a dynamic environment. You can also check the new UCC occupancy dashboard (https://viewpoint.ucc.ie/) at any time to make sure a space is available!

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4. You said that you wanted more contact with employers and opportunities for work placement

Our work placement managers provide invaluable support to placement students (remote and on-site). The team is currently engaged in an employer recruitment campaign for the forthcoming academic year and has also developed a suite of online workshops to support student employability and development pre-placement.

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5. You said you would like fewer written examinations and more emphasis on continuous assessment

We have greatly increased the diversity of our assessments this year with the introduction of online quiz style and laboratory simulation style assessments via our virtual learning environment Canvas. The establishment of the Exams Business Continuity group will provide oversight and a forum for resolution of any exam related activities.

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6. You’ve told us that support and access to wellbeing training throughout your time at university really matters.

This year we have increased the range of mental health services available and developed initiatives to increase resilience and reduce feelings of isolation. The Student first responder and bystander intervention programmes have been successfully rolled out to the local community. This adds to the wide range of support services there for you when you need them

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What do our Student Voices mean to you?

University commitment

Hearing from students through university-wide surveys (particularly Student Survey.ie) about their learning experience is incredibly informative and gives the University valuable data on good practices, as well as practices that may need further development. This information can then be used to inform and prioritise decisions and policies to enhance the student learning experience.

University Student Surveys Board

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