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How we Listen

You feedback matters!

Your views and opinions are important to us. Across the university, we work in partnership with students to improve our courses and services.

By taking part in any of the feedback mechanisms mentioned throughout these pages, you have individually helped to shape the University’s processes and the experience for students now and in the future.  Institution wide surveys are one of the easiest and most effective ways to give your opinion on everything from your teaching to the Students’ Union and all the other facilities that help make your student experience. Throughout the academic year all students have the opportunity to take part in at least one University recognised survey.

Surveys/feedback routes include:

  • National/EU surveys, such as the Irish Survey of Student Engagement (Student, INDex Survey, Eurostudent Survey, THE Europe Teaching Ranking survey.
  • Local surveys run by the Library, IT, Colleges, Departments
  • Student representation on University Committees
  • Student Union Officers and Academic Class representatives
  • Departmental student/staff forums and College Liaison committees
  • Participation in the annual UCC Student Forum

So, this academic year take the opportunity to really think about your experiences here at UCC – what has worked, and just as importantly, what hasn’t worked so well, and make sure that your voice is heard. You’ll be contacted via email when it’s your turn to have your say.


University Student Surveys Board

Office of Academic Affairs & Governance ,