Annual Schedule of Student Surveys

Based on Academic Year Cycle

Survey Name Source School/Dept/Unit 2018/2019 2019/2020 2020/2021 2021/2022
Belongingness Survey Internal Quality Enhancement Unit     7th October  
Disciplines Inquiring into Societal Challenges (DISC) External National Forum     17th Dec - 22 Jan  
Drug Use in Higher Education Ireland (DUHEI) survey External HEA   suspended 18 Jan - 31 Jan   
EDI needs survey Internal EDI unit October     12th Oct - 19th Oct
Enhanced Digital Teaching & Learning post COVID survey External IUA     April  
Europe Teaching Ranking Survey External Times Higher October suspended    
EuroStudent Survey External Higher Education Authority 8th April - 10th May     4 April - 13 May
Diet, Health and Lifestyle study Internal Public Health       May/June
Feedback Survey Internal UCC Skills Centre     April  
First Year Orientation survey Internal Admissions Office   29th May - 12th June   December
Graduate Outcomes External Careers Service/HEA TBC TBC 31st March  
Inclusive Mobility Survey External IUA   November TBC  
Indecon Study of Mature Students External Higher Education Authority   18th May - 7th June    
INDEx Survey External National Forum   11th Nov - 1st Dec    
International Baromter Survey (ISB) Internal International Office       TBC
Learning Analytics survey Internal Centre for Digital Education       31 Jan - 4 Feb
LIBQUAL  Internal Boole Library TBC 9th - 27th March  TBC 14th Mar - 6th April 
(MyUSE) study Internal Student Health Service     March - April  
My World Survey External UCD & Jigsaw 30th Oct - 16th Nov   TBC  
OVPRI Postgraduate Student Survey Internal OVPRI & QEU       23 May - 3 June
PGR  External Higher Education Authority 4th Mar - 18th Mar biennial from 2020 1st Feb - 21st Feb not running
Student Equality Survey Internal EDI Unit 17th Sept - 19th Oct not annual TBC Sept
Student IT Survey Internal IT Services TBC March   March March 
Student Sport Ireland Survey External SSAI and ESRI   suspended suspended   
Student Success Survey Internal Pillar 3 Initiative       18th Oct - 1st Nov
Student External Higher Education Authority 4th Mar - 18th Mar 3rd Feb - 23 Feb 1st Feb - 21st Feb 7th Feb - 27th Feb
Students with disabilities External AHEAD     April  
Survey of sexual violence and sexual harassment External HEA/USI     April   


University Student Surveys Board

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