Student Success Survey Results

Student Success: Survey Results

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The Student Success Survey ran from 18 October – 1 November, giving  all students and all staff the opportunity to share their important views on Student Success. The objectives of the survey were to gain insight into the diverse meaning of Student Success within the UCC community, to identify how UCC is currently supporting Student Success, and to highlight how the university may support Student Success further in the future.

Student Success is not dependent on students alone, and can be impacted by a variety of other factors, including teaching, finances, health and wellbeing, assessment, transitioning to university life and belonging. Student Success means different things to different students, and can vary throughout the student journey.

The National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education has recently confirmed the following shared understanding:

“Student Success optimises the learning and development opportunities for each student to recognise and fulfil their potential to contribute to, and flourish in, society.

To be achieved, this requires a culture in Irish higher education that values inclusivity, equity and meaningful engagement between students, staff, their institutions and the wider community.”


A total of 791 students completed the seven-question survey. Students in all stages of studies were represented, from first year to final year undergraduates, masters to PhD students, and non-degree students. The majority of student participants were female and Irish, between the ages of 17-22. The College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences and the College of Science, Engineering and Food Science had the highest participant rates.


In comparison, 163 staff members shared their views in the survey. Similar to students, staff participants were mainly female, with over 10+ years’ experience working in the university, in academic or administrative/professional services roles. Again, the highest number of respondents came from the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences, followed by Central Services.


The topline survey results are outlined in the graphic below. The results will be detailed further in the forthcoming Student Success framework, which aligns with Pillar 3 of UCC 2022: Delivering a Connected University and fulfils UCC’s requirements under the Mission-based Performance Compact 2018-2021 between the university and the Higher Education Authority.



  • Most students strongly agreed that Student Success meant completing their degree (67%), with this being the highest rated item in the student poll.
  • High numbers of students also strongly agree that Student Success is growing as a person (63%) and being happy (61%), demonstrating that UCC students place significant importance on wellbeing and non-academic factors.
  • For staff, growing as a person (73%) and achieving full potential (72%) were identified as the meaning of Student Success, showing that for both staff and students personal growth is seen as key to achieving success.
  • Students and staff both identified the same three elements that underpin Student Success within UCC – wellbeing, student-staff engagement, quality of teaching.
  • Students and staff were in agreement that the Library is an essential service that supports Student Success, with students holding this to be the number one support service.
  • Academic mentoring was noted as an important contributor to Student Success, with 80% of staff and 42% of students in agreement.
  • Regarding barriers to success, the most commonly cited theme amongst students was none, which recognises the substantial work taking place within the university to foster successful outcomes for students.


Thanks to all of those within the UCC community who took the time to take part in the survey. Your valuable feedback will help to guide the university’s Student Success work in the years to come.

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