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Survey requests (Internal)

Criteria, approval and application process

All surveys that are designed to be distributed to a proportion of the UCC student population (maximum 5000 students) must be approved by the University Student Surveys Board to ensure appropriate relevance to the institutional mission.  Any internal survey that meets one of the following conditions should undergo the USSB review process.

Categories for Internal survey requests:

Category 1


EDI needs survey, Student Success Survey

Category 2


First Year Orientation Survey, International Student Barometer

Category 3


Student IT survey, UCC Skills feedback survey

Category 4




Before Submitting your University Survey request

  • Visit the UCC Surveys Website to ensure the information you are seeking is not already collected in one of our institutional surveys.
  • Consult the University Survey Calendar to select administration dates that minimize overlap with existing surveys. Proposals must be received at least 50 days in advance of the desired survey launch date.
  • Some surveys, such as those designed to solicit feedback from participants regarding a specific campus events, are exempt from this process.
  • Confirm your survey content, communications, and administration plan with collaborators and obtain approval from USSB. Finalize your survey in the format you intend to administer it, utilizing Qualtrics, the University’s preferred survey tool.

Criteria for Internal survey requests

The University Student Surveys board will consider the following criteria when reviewing University Survey requests:

  1. Relevance to campus mission and/or strategic plan(s)
  2. Minimal burden on campus constituents
  3. Usefulness of data to inform university decisions
  4. Efficient use of university resources
  5. Value to the broader population of campus constituents
  6. Clarity and functionality of survey and related communications
  7. Inclusive language in alignment with university guidelines
  8. Compliance with university standards for confidentiality and information security, and university accessibility standards.
  9. The survey should not seek information that is already available from other sources.
  10. Inappropriate timing due to other surveys or activities within the academic calendar
  11. Sensitive nature of topic requiring unavailable back up service (e.g. counselling)

Approval of Internal survey requests

Internal requests to administer a survey to cohorts of the student population (max 5000 students) must:

  • Have permission from an internal sponsor/supervisor
  • Have permission from a designated Senior Manager, if applicable
  • Survey must be approved by relevant Ethics Committee and proof of approval is required.
  • Follow the application process referenced below regardless of the method of distribution.

Individuals who use student contact information or demographics in a survey must handle all information and results in accordance with UCC’s information security policies. Approved surveys must be administered and used strictly as approved, without changes. All submitters are encouraged to provide a summary of how the data is used for campus improvement or provide articles, reports, etc. that show that the data was used in some fashion. The data and results will be shared on the UCC Student Surveys approved platforms.  

To apply follow the instructions below:

  • At least 8 weeks before your desired survey launch date email the Student Surveys Unit at If approved, the survey will be added to the University Survey Calendar maintained by the Student Surveys Unit.
  • Complete a Survey Proposal Form (Internal) and return along with a copy of the survey in either word or pdf format for consideration by the Ethics representatives of the USSB.
  • Provide Student Surveys with confirmation that any medical survey has received ethical approval prior to submission to the committee.
  • Decisions are made within a month of the intended survey launch date. For late submissions or special cases, decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Surveys scheduled during registration, examination periods or survey season (Student, Euro student, and Times Higher Student Experience Survey) will not normally be approved.
  • For electronic surveys on campus, typically IT services distributes your survey invitation on your behalf.  Contact 
  • Replies must be directed to a email address
  • One reminder can be issued per survey.
  • Once the survey has been administered, the USSB will request follow-up information on response rates, uses/reports, etc.

University Student Surveys Board

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