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Qualtrics licence

University College Cork has acquired a campus licence for the online survey instrument QualtricsXM for academic research staff and students. The Qualtrics survey tool will be available free to all academic research staff and students through a university-wide licence.  A purpose-built course evaluation tool will also form part of the licensing arrangements. 

I am a new user (academic research staff/student) and wish to use Qualtrics, how do I access the service?

  1. Qualtrics is set up with Single Sign On (SSO) and can be accessed using your UCC email address and password or student UMAIL credentials.
  2. Auto enrol in Qualtrics by clicking on this link

Further information about Qualtrics is now available at

Contact (Academic Affairs and Governance) if you have any questions during the launch phase.


University Student Surveys Board

Office of Academic Affairs & Governance ,