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University College Cork has acquired a campus licence for the online survey instrument QualtricsXM for academic research staff and students. The Qualtrics survey tool will be available free to all academic research staff and students through a university-wide licence.  A purpose-built course evaluation tool will also form part of the licensing arrangements. 

I am a new user (academic research staff/student) and wish to use Qualtrics, how do I access the service?

  1. Qualtrics is set up with Single Sign On (SSO) and can be accessed using your UCC email address and password or student UMAIL credentials.
  2. Auto enrol in Qualtrics by clicking on this link

Further information about Qualtrics is now available at


Matrix of Supported Survey Tools




When to Use?

Google/MS Forms

Cloud, SaaS, web based

Can be used with Canvas or standalone

Best for 1-1000+ users

Standard question formats

Forms management

Built-in exporting functionality (csv, .xlsx, Google Sheets)

Basic reporting capabilities, limited built-in graphs using Google Sheets

No way to determine non-respondents

Not linked to registration

Limited survey logic

Limited collaborative tools

Does not support more than one language

Simple surveys not requiring complex question types or data analysis of results.

Surveys with small number of respondents.

Qualtrics survey

Cloud, SaaS, web based, mobile

Password protection for survey

Survey logic extensive and flexible

Multiple language options

Control customised surveys

Can identify and email non-respondents

Templates for data visuals and advanced reporting

Built-in exporting functionality (ex. file formats .csv, SPSS)

Sophisticated Set Evaluation tool

24/7 support option


Some training may be required

Institutional Surveys

Complex Surveys

Surveys requiring Data Analytics or Reporting Dashboards

Surveys requiring a large volume of responses

Other e.g., Lime Survey*

Cloud, SaaS, web based

An open source tool

Standard question formats

Offline response collection

Limited email handling

Some customizations are difficult

No reporting capabilities

No real-time data

Very limited support options

When taking part in European/Global projects where the lead university/research use an alternative survey product to Qualtrics and pay for the licence.

 Other survey tools will be phased out and licences will not be renewed.  Qualtrics has the ability to import surveys from other survey platforms.  Please contact Surveys Project Manager to discuss data management needs, particularly in relation to longitudinal research.

University Student Surveys Board

Office of Academic Affairs & Governance ,