Review of student feedback

PROJECT TITLE: Connecting, Listening and Enhancing: placing student perceptions of their educational experience at the heart of decision making at UCC

PROJECT SPONSORS: The Office of the Vice President for Teaching and Learning, together with the Student Experience Office and the Quality Promotion Unit

PROJECT START DATE: 1st February 2017

PROJECT AIM: The aim of this project is to ensure that student surveys are coherent and meet all the needs in the feedback landscape

At UCC the views of students are central to improving teaching, research and student services and to the quality review process. Student surveys are an important tool for students to provide feedback on university experiences, educational quality, institutional effectiveness and student satisfaction, and play an important role in the involvement of students in university management and governance at UCC. However, the number of student surveys at UCC has increased dramatically in recent years and lack of over-arching coordination of student surveys during this expansion has led to a number of issues for both students and staff. These include:

  • Over-surveying of some student groups creating confusion and frustration
  • Survey fatigue causing students to become disengaged
  • Reduced survey response rates compromising data quality
  • Duplication of effort
  • Limited evidence of closing the loop
  • Concern over tools employed and ethics
  • Lack of oversight and of clarity around roles and responsibilities 

This project will conduct a review of student surveys at UCC, including the Student Experience Survey, the Irish Survey of Student Engagement, individual Module Surveys and surveys related to quality reviews of academic and support departments. This review will consider the policy context; governance; survey tools; data storage and dissemination; closing the loop; and associated resources. It will identify international best practice and will develop a set of recommendations aimed at enhancing the governance of student surveys at UCC to support long-term change in this area to ensure a coordinated approach to surveying student opinion. It will inform the development of an institutional policy on student surveys aimed at minimising duplication of effort and survey fatigue and enhancing the effectiveness of student involvement and engagement.


The deliverables will include:

  • Calendar of UCC student surveys
  • Glossary of terms
  • Benchmarking against national and international best-practice
  • Report on the current state of student surveys at UCC referencing statutory requirements, oversight, policy, responsibilities, governance, ethical considerations, survey tools and closing of the loop.
  • Set of recommendations, including governance, communication, branding and the identification of institutional resource requirements





Student surveys are just one component of student feedback, and other forms of feedback and of the student voice in university governance. All other forms of feedback are outside the scope of the current project. Student surveys instigated by external parties also lie outside the scope. 


The aim of this project is to ensure that student surveys are coherent and meet all the needs in the feedback landscape

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