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Welcome to the web pages of the Vice-President for Learning & Teaching, which provide a broad overview of this Office. More detailed information is contained in the various links throughout the site.

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The office for Vice-President for Learning & Teaching is organised to deliver an ambitious programme of work in teaching and learning support and enhancement across the university by:

  • Supporting all staff involved in teaching in their roles;
  • Facilitating the use of new technologies for teaching;
  • Working to improve teaching and learning infrastructure at UCC;
  • Providing professional development opportunities for staff who teach

A dynamic team of professionals leads the support for teaching and learning, and for the advancing the scholarship of learning and teaching.

Our aim is to enhance learning and teaching and to provide support and recognition to all those involved in learning and teaching at UCC. We do this through a range of supports and events for staff and students across the university focussing on:

  • Student outcomes
  • Innovative learning and teaching
  • Diverse pedagogies
  • Flexible delivery
  • Technology-enhanced learning
  • Research on teaching and learning
  • Continuous Professional Development for staff
  • Recognition of teaching excellence and innovation
  • Lifelong learning
  • Integration of teaching, learning, and research


The role of the Office of Vice-President for Learning & Teaching is to enhance the staff and student learning experience through staff development opportunities and through engagement in innovative research-enhanced teaching.

Our vision is of a university where effective and innovative teaching and learning approaches are fostered and supported, and where a student-centred approach to research-led teaching is rooted in the culture. 


This Office promotes excellence in learning and teaching with the student at the centre of the learning experience, and works to improve teaching infrastructure at UCC. The Vice-President for Learning & Teaching has overall responsibility for learning and teaching at University College Cork and offers a wide variety of pedagogical, technical, and research assistance to enhance teaching. 

The Vice-President is a member of the University Management Team and chairs a wide range of University Committees including Academic Council Teaching & Learning, Academic Council Graduate Studies, Academic Council Research Committee, Green Campus Forum, Board of Studies (ACE) and the External Business Advisory Board.

This Office has responsibility for the following areas: 




The Office of the Vice-President for Learning & Teaching is located next to the President's Office on the ground floor of the East Wing in the Main Quadrangle at UCC. Opening times are Monday - Friday 9am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm. 





Office of the VP for Learning and Teaching

Oifig an Leasuachtaráin Foghlama agus Teagaisc

East Wing, Main Quadrangle, UCC