Student Complaints Policy and Procedure

UCC Student Complaints Policy and Procedure

The following downloadable document sets out the University's Student Complaints Policy and Procedures.

UCC Student Complaints Policy

This Student Complaints Policy and Procedure reflects University College Cork’s commitment to providing an excellent, fair and equitable learning environment and student experience for its students.

This Policy is an important part of the University’s Quality Assurance mechanisms, providing a forum for student complaints to be resolved in accordance with principles of natural justice, fairness and equality. This Policy is intended to assist both students and staff in the resolution of complaints promptly and fairly.

Student complaints should, as far as possible, be resolved informally within the student’s School/Academic Unit or by reference to the Student Ombudsman. In addition, advice in such cases can be obtained from the Students’ Union.  However, where the matter cannot be resolved informally, the student may progress the matter under the formal procedure set out in this Policy

This Policy should be read in conjunction with all other University policies, including in particular the University’s Student Discipline Policy within the Student Rules and the Dispute Resolution Policy for postgraduate research students, as appropriate.

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