Student Policies and Procedures

The following are important policies and procedures with which students should be familiar. Please see the below for information on each one.

Other policies, which may also be relevant to students, can be found in the other sections of this Portal.

Student Charter

The University College Cork Student Charter is issued jointly by the University and the University College Cork Students Union. It makes explicit some of the reciprocal responsibilities which members of the University, both staff and students, have to each other.

Policy Title Last Review Date File
Student Charter  February 2009   Student Charter

Student Rules

The UCC Student Rules describe the standards of conduct expected from UCC students as well as the disciplinary and appeal procedures applicable to breaches of these rules.  Complaints of alleged breaches of these Rules may be made by a student, a member of staff or any other person or body whether internal or external to the University.

The UCC Student Rules explain what is expected from you and also your rights and obligations should you be someone against whom a complaint is made, someone who makes or instigates a complaint on behalf of the University or a Witness.

Students are also bound by the UCC's academic and other policies and procedures. 

Policy Title Last Review Date File
Student Rules 24/11/2023 Student Rules  


Student Advisor and Ombudsman

The purpose of the post of Student Advisor and Ombudsman is to advise and assist students with the resolution of difficulties, complaints or grievances involving staff or services of the University in an informal manner. All enquiries to the Student Advisor and Ombudsman will remain confidential, except in cases of serious threat to life or property.

For more information please see link below.

Title File
Student Ombudsman Terms of Reference  Student Advisor and Ombudsman

Student Alcohol Policy

Campus alcohol policy to promote sensible drinking among students.

Policy Title Last Review Date File
Student Alcohol Policy 22/11/2013  Student Alcohol Policy

Support for Pregnant Students

This document provides information to students and staff about the university’s approach to supporting a student who is pregnant.

Policy Title Last Review Date File
Support for Pregnant Students  June 2016  Support for Pregnant Students

Student Complaints

Student complaints should, as far as possible, be resolved informally within the student’s School/Academic Unit or by reference to the Student Ombudsman. In addition, advice in such cases can be obtained from the Students’ Union. However, where the matter cannot be resolved informally, the student may progress the matter under the formal procedure set out in this Policy.

A complaint under this Policy must relate to a specific concern or issue related to an academic programme and/or the actions of a member of staff of an academic.

Policy Title Last Review Date File
Student Complaints Policy 19/01/2024  Student Complaints Policy and Procedure 2024

Fitness Practise/Study

Fitness to Continue in Study- This Policy is expressly intended to be supportive of individual students who may be in distress or difficulty whilst also recognising the right of the wider University community work, study and live free of undue duress/distress caused by others.

Fitness to Practise- To describe an individual as ‘Fit to Practise’ in the context of certain professions is to say he or she possesses the attributes considered necessary in an individual to allow that individual to practise as an independent practitioner in their relevant profession. The Fitness to Practise policy is needed to ensure that, in addition to having achieved the required academic standard, students are deemed 'fit to practise' in their chosen profession. For further information on this policy, please see link below.

Policy Title Last Review Date File
Fitness to Practise policy  17/06/2022

Fitness to Practise Policy

For further information on this policy, please visit Fitness to Practise

Fitness to Continue in Study policy  27/06/2014 

Fitness to Continue in Study.pdf

Fitness to Continue in Study Policy Appendices

Fitness to Continue in Study Policy FAQs 

Recording teaching

This policy seeks to facilitate the practical and responsible recording of teaching sessions by clarifying the circumstances in which such recordings take place, the respective roles and responsibilities of those involved, and the implications of breaches of this policy.

Policy Title Last Review Date File
Policy for recording live teaching to assist student study 16/06/2023  Policy for recording live teaching to assist student study


Policy Title Last Review Date File
UCC Guide to Examinations and Assessment for Staff and Students  22/11/2023 Guide to Examinations and Assessment v13.1
UCC Plagiarism Policy 22/11/2023 Plagiarism Policy
Procedures in Examination Hall March 2019  Procedures in Examination Hall
Submission of Medical Certificates - Where medical certificates are submitted
Granting of Honorary Awards 07/10/2022 Granting of Honorary Awards

UG Student Withdrawal

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that students who are thinking of withdrawing from their studies are provided with appropriate support and information before they make their final decision to withdraw. The purpose to this policy is also to support students and staff by clarifying the procedures when a student leaves their programme of study and ends all activities associated with their registration.

The university aims to provide guidance and support to students so that they are aware of all their options should they want to return to third level education at a later stage.

Policy Title Owner Last Review Date File
Undergraduate Student Withdrawals Policy  Director of Recruitment and Admissions   03/06/2022 Student Withdrawals Policy
Undergraduate Student Withdrawal Form Director of Recruitment and Admissions   28/02/2023 First Year Student Withdrawal Form

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process that allows students to gain admission to a programme of study or to gain exemptions/credit from some parts of a programme, based on demonstrated learning achieved prior to admission. UCC recognises that knowledge and skills can be acquired from a range of learning experiences. The policy provides opportunities for access, transfer and progression to education and training at third level.

Policy Title Policy Owner  Last Review Date File
Recognition of Prior Learning Policy  Vice President for Learning and Teaching 16-06-2023 Recognition of Prior Learning

Reasonable Accommodations

This policy is intended to ensure that students with disabilities/learning differences/significant ongoing health conditions may access a holistic learning experience on an equal footing to all members of the UCC community. This policy provides a framework for the provision of Reasonable Accommodations for students with disabilities/ learning differences/significant ongoing health conditions who have registered with Disability Support in UCC.

Policy Title Last Review Date File
Reasonable Accommodations Policy for Students with Disabilities 16-06-2023 Reasonable Accommodations Policy

Academic Affairs and Governance

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