Success Zone

The Success Zone Canvas Space aims to provide you with information and learning materials that you will need while settling into and journeying through your time in college. Here, you can learn to develop (or refresh!) transitional skills such as note-taking and time management, explore budgeting and the realities of university life and develop effective academic writing and communication skills to ensure that you get the most out of the time here at University College Cork. 

You will find learning material from the following offices:

 These resources will help you develop academically, personally, and professionally. UCC students can browse through all the sections and use them as you want to. Dive into the tips that will help you thrive in university, discover, and develop your library skills and embrace the writer and researcher within as you dip in and out of the skills below. There are lots of quizzes, worksheets, and engagement opportunities for you throughout the modules for you to enjoy.

If you are looking for more interactive writing and study engagement opportunities just email

Skills Centre

Q -1 (Q minus 1), Boole Library,