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Group Sessions & Workshops

The Skills Centre will be holding a variety of group sessions and workshops for students to attend throughout the academic year. You can browse what sessions we have taking place throughout the term, in which you can reserve your spot by booking through here.

You can check out our full listing of group sessions available through our sessions and workshop webpage. If you are interested in enrolling in a Digital Badge or Skills Centre programme, you can check out our full Digital Badge listing.

If there is a specific group session not listed below that you or a group would be interested in attending, let us know! We would be happy to know what session students look forward to the most, so the Skills Centre can cater to all your academic needs, simply email us about the sessions you or a group would like to attend.

If our group session calendar is not displaying, please access it by clicking the following link: Public Calendar

Drop-in Clinic

Need help from the Skills Centre but are too busy to book an appointment? Join us for a drop in session! Please refer to our public sessions calendar above to see times offered, but do note that a booking is not necessary for these sessions.

Drop-in sessions will take place again at the beginning of the next academic year.


One-to-one appointment with a Skills Centre tutor

The Skills Centre offers a variety of one-to-one appointments that you can book below. The one-to-one, thirty-minute offerings with a Skills Centre tutor are as follows:

Before booking a one-to-one appointment, we ask that you read the Writing Clinic Guidelines so you can come to the Skills Centre virtual appointment fully prepared. A majority of our appointments are currently online and delivered virtually, if you are unsure how to use Google Meet or Teams for online group sessions, please view the following information on Google Meet and Teams. You can also check out our Minute Methods video on Netiquette: The do's and don'ts of Online Communication. 


Please use the form below to request an online one-to-one appointment and a member of our team will be in contact.

Saturday one-to-one sessions are available here: Skills Centre ACE sessions

Asynchronous Feedback on Essay Structure & Style

The Skills Centre offers UCC students personalised feedback on essay structure & style, and other queries you may have. You will have the option to upload the work you would like reviewed by a tutor at a later point in time. Please note, this option does not involve 'live' engagement, but one of our tutors will review your writing and provide you with some helpful feedback on how you can improve your academic writing 



Please note, if your assignment is due in 7 working days or less, it is advised not to use the asynchronous service. Instead, why not meet a tutor face-to-face to get feedback? We cannot guarantee your written feedback will be completed in less than 7 working days. At Skills Centre, we want to ensure you have enough time to receive and then apply the feedback given before you submit your assignments. You can receive face-to-face feedback by doing the following:

  • Coming along to our pop-up Skills Centre in the Makerspace, The Hub (beside the radio station). Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10am-4pm. No booking required!
  • Attending one of our Drop-In Clinics on Mondays and Thursdays from 3pm-4pm, Skills Centre Q-1 Boole Library. No booking required!
  • Booking an online/in person 1-2-1 appointment if the above timeslots don’t suit your schedule or you are unable to meet on campus



What can you expect when submitting your essay?

    • After submitting your essay to us, you will receive an email with some helpful feedback on your academic writing within 5-7 working days
    • Please include the essay question/title in your submission. 
    • Students will have the limit of submitting approximately 1,000 words to be reviewed for each given upload. Do not worry, if your assignment word count is above 1,000 words, you may submit sections you would like reviewed. Do not worry if it is a first draft. We will give thorough feedback.
    • Please also note that students will be restricted to availing of this service once a month.  
    • Remember, we do not offer a proofreading service. In writing clinics, our tutors will work with you to address the key areas of concern in your work to help redraft and refine your assignment. However, our Editing and Proofreading resources in the Success Zone on Canvas will give you the skills needed to edit your own material. 
    • We do not cover referencing. The staff in the Boole Library would be happy to help you with this, you can find more information on their website by clicking here. We also recommend that you contact your department for the specific referencing style booklet.
    The Skills Centre will help you explore academic writing and the structure which will help you maximise your marks. It does not cover content or any subjectspecific information. For content-related information, you should approach lecturer/department/ tutor.

IT Clinic

Do you struggle with formatting your assignments through Microsoft Word? Creating Presentation slides through PowerPoint? Are you looking to improve your Digital Skills to enhance your time at university? Well, you can book into an IT Clinic! An IT clinic is a 30-minute one-to-one appointment with one of our trained, undergraduate tutors, that can help you improve your digital literacy skills.

Whether you are hoping to use text-to-speech for editing your assignments, study more efficiently with online flashcards or mind maps, or simply get the hang of google calendar to manage your time better – our undergraduate tutors can support you!

Simply book your appointment below through our booking form underneath and let us know what you would like to go through in the appointment with your IT Skills tutor. Many of the topics that can be covered in an IT clinic and listed through our Digital Skill Sessions & Resources which can be found here -

*Please note, the IT Clinics are there to help you improve your digital literacy skills, if you are having an issue or problem with your phone/laptop, IT services have a support service for students with IT issues.



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