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Group sessions and workshops

Welcome to the UCC Skills Centre Booking System. From this page, you will be able to secure your seat in a skills session, reserve your one to one slot, submit your writing for feedback. Throughout the academic year, we have a variety of workshops and sessions that are available to help you traverse university life. Find out more about our Transition Skills which has been designed to run over the first few weeks of each semester. We will be hosting a variety of Saturday Morning webinars on different aspects of academic writing which you can register your interest through here.

How to book a skill session:

  • You can browse through our weekly sessions through the Google Calendar.
  • Once you have found a session you would like to book, click into the relevant calendar entry.
  • From here, a short description of the session and a Google Meet link will pop up.
  • You can enter into the session directly through the Google Meet link provided at the specified time.
  • NOTE: You must be logged into your UCC student email to attend a session.
  • If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to email us at or call 353 21 490 3839.

Write Here, Write Now - Informal writing session for PhD students and UCC staff

It can often be hard to focus when writing, and so CIRTL and the Skills Centre have reunited to bring you a dedicated 2-hour writing space. These sessions will give you the chance to write in a room with like-minded people and begin to form a writing habit at a scheduled time every week, and alleviate some of the isolation felt when trying to write.

This semester the protected writing space will take place in the virtual realm. Please join this Teams space from 10 am to 12 noon every Thursday starting February 25th, with other UCC staff members and PhD students for this informal writing session and prioritise your writing today.


Virtual one-to-one appointment

Do you want feedback on your assignment before you submit? Are you unsure about the structure of your essay? Are you confused about how to approach a difficult topic? If any of this resonates with you, please book an appointment with the Skills Centre today. Together with your tutor, you will pinpoint your academic issues or develop a plan of action to tackle your academic workload. You can now book Skills Centre Virtual Writing Clinics/Academic Study Coaching sessions and meet with our tutors to discuss your academic work via Google Meet.

Before booking a one-to-one appointment, we ask that you read the Writing Clinic Guidelines  and Academic Study Coaching Guidelines so you can come to the Skills Centre fully prepared. All of our appointments are currently online and deliverered virtually, if you are unsure how to use Google Meet or Teams for online group sessions, please view the following Google Meet and Teams Platform training. You can also check out our Minute Methods video on Netiquette: The do's and don'ts of Online Communication.

Please read the following before booking an appointment:

  • When booking a time, please click the relevant date to book an appointment. If it is greyed out, this indicates that it is already booked.
  • If you are having trouble viewing our booking portal throuh our website, click here to book your session.
  • In booking an appointment, you understand and agree that your personal details will be used by the Skills Centre for the purposes outlined in the Data Protection Notice. (The Data Protection Notice can be found here.)
  • If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to email us at or call 353 21 490 3839

Asynchronous Feedback on Essay Structure & Style

The Skills Centre offers UCC students personalised feedback on essay structure & style, and other queries you may have. You will have the option to upload the work you would like reviewed by a tutor at a later point in time, through the link below. Please note, this option does not involve 'live' engagement, but one of our tutors will review your writing and provide you with some helpful feedback and tips on how you can improve your academic writing structure and style 

Please note, for our feedback on essay structure & style, students will have the limit of submitting approximately 1,000 words to be reviewed for each given upload. Please also note that students will be restricted to availing of this service three times a month. Do not worry, if your assignment word count is above 1,000 wordsyou may submit the section that you would like to be reviewed.  Your assignment does not have to be the final draft! 

  • Remember, we do not offer a proofreading service. In writing clinics, our tutors/advisors will work with you to address the key areas of concern in your work to help redraft and refine your assignment. However, our Editing and Proofreading resources will give you the skills needed to edit your own material. 
  • We do not cover referencingThe staff in the Boole Library would be happy to help you with this, you can find more information on their website by clicking here. We also recommend that you contact your department for the specific referencing style booklet.
  • The Skills Centre will help you explore academic writing and the structure which will help you maximise your marks. It does not cover content or any subject specific information. For content-related information, you should approach lecturer/department/ tutor.  
  • Please include the essay question/title in your submission. This allows the tutor to give more focused feedback as it identifies the context of your academic work.

Calculation Clinic

If you, or a group of peers are interested in a private one-to-one with one of our maths-orientated tutors, you can book a calculation clinic! In these calculation clinics, a tutor can assist you with any sums or calculations you are struggling with. Simply have the problem open on your screen and you can present it to the tutor during your 30 minute appointment. 

  • Before the appointment, please take a moment to ensure and test that the correct speaker/mic is enabled through Google Meet.  
  •   Please have only relevant materials you would like reviewed open on your laptop in present mode, this will allow the tutor to view your work. 
  • If you would like to cancel your appointment, call us on 021-4903839 or email us on We very much appreciate when you take the time to cancel your appointment. Our service is often very busy, and your cancellation allows students on the waiting list to avail of appointments.
  • If you are unsure how to use Google Meet or Teams for online group sessions, please view the following Google Meet and Teams Platform training. You can also check out our Minute Methods video on Netiquette: The do's and don'ts of Online Communication.