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Access Skills Centre Tutor

Access Skills Centre Tutor

Opportunities exist for Postgraduate students to work as a tutor to undergraduate students who are registered with the Mature Student Office, Disability Support Services, or UCC PLUS+ (Access & Participation services). These tutoring sessions involve working one-to-one with undergraduate students or with very small groups in an in-person or online capacity. 

Please note that while this is a paid position, Access Skills tutorials take place on a by-request basis. Therefore, we will only be in touch when a tutorial has been requested that is relevant to your experience. It is therefore an excellent opportunity for those looking to gain experience in tutoring, who are passionate about helping students, and are happy to take on additional occasional hour teaching. 

If you have any questions, we would be delighted to speak with you. Please email 



You must be registered as a staff member or postgraduate student during the academic year in which you are applying to tutor. 

Those who are not registered as occasional hourly staff in UCC or a postgraduate student are not permitted to work as an Access Skills Centre Tutor.


Desirable criteria: 

  • Candidates should have practical experience of and familiarity with the UCC Book of Modules and with accessing UCC Past Exam papers.
  • Candidates should have recently completed their own studies of the undergraduate modules in which they now wish to tutor. 
  • Previous experience of working as a tutor is desirable but not necessary.
  • Please be as specific as possible by listing the module codes for the UCC Undergraduate modules that you are able to teach. See online Book of Modules for complete list of module codes.


Please note that this is a paid position. Hourly Postgraduate Tutorial rate applies.

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