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Student Testimonials

The skills I have developed during my studies have provided me with indispensable opportunities that help me understand, and hopefully, one day solve, the complex problems that face humanity

Caoimhe Lynch (Anatomy and Neuroscience)

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I have the opportunity to work within a multidisciplinary team of researchers, healthcare professionals, policy makers and stroke survivors on a regular basis.

Edel Burton(School of Public Health)

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The department of Anatomy and Neuroscience and APC Microbiome Ireland has allowed me to work with outstanding and highly prestigious researchers who are great people as well.

Cristina Cuesta Martí (Anatomy and Neuroscience)

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I enjoy working within the pharmaceutics lab as it gives me the opportunity to carry out my own laboratory research and utilise analytical techniques daily, which I enjoyed as an undergraduate.

Michael Leary (School of Pharmacy)

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I am gaining invaluable knowledge by examining the complex, multi-dimensional ways in which people experience their world and create themselves through the things that they do every day.

Allison Mula (Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy)

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My study will form part of a larger study into the oral health of adults with CF and their microbiome. This is an area that is greatly lacking in research and so it is a very exciting project.

Niamh Coffey(Dentistry)

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It is an honour and a privilege to work and study in the College of Medicine and Health laboratories as I try to reveal the untapped potential of new treatments that are badly needed for glioblastoma

Patricia Flynn (Anatomy and Neuroscience)

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