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Postgraduate Skills Development

Postgraduate Modules for Credited Coursework

UCC Modules

Here in the College of Medicine and Health, we have a wide range of research courses available to students including PhDs, Thematic PhDs, Practitioner Doctorates, and Research master's degree. For an overview of UCC research course requirements for PhDs and Research Masters, please visit this website.

Many of these courses require students to take formal accredited modules, and students have access to a wide range of PG level 6 and 7 modules to choose from. Please follow this link to the range of modules and to the online registration site.

Once you have explored these modules, and discussed your options with your supervisor, you can register through the online portal linked here

Note: Among these modules is PG7048 Generic and Transferable Skills Portfolio, which is a 5 credit generic and transferable skills portfolio module. See PG7048 Portfolio Module Template for further details. If you would like to receive credit for a portfolio through this module, please send an electronic version of your application form to


External Course/Module Recognition

PhD/PhD Track students can also apply for recognition of modules taken outside of UCC. If you have taken or plan to take courses or modules outside UCC and wish to get credits towards your PhD, you will need to complete an External Course/Module Recognition Form and return to the CoMH Graduate Studies Office (, for approval.

Transferable Skills Training

Postgraduate transferable skills refers to the range of skills, knowledge and competencies that all research students need to develop to be a successful researcher. This goes beyond simply developing research skills and includes generalisable skills such as personal effectiveness, team-working and leadership, communication, entrepreneurship and innovation, ethics and social understanding (2021)

  • UCC accredited modules are one source of transferable skills modules.

Events & Workshops

The College of Medicine and Health Graduate Studies Office runs a variety of events and workshops throughout the year which can support you in your studies, you can find out more about through the webpage linked below. Please also follows us on our Twitter and Facebook to get the most up to date information on current events.

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