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UCC Futures – Quantum and Photonics

Securing our future through research excellence. We are currently recruiting academic posts for UCC Futures – Quantum and Photonics

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"One of my favourite memories was an organised trip to CERN. It was great fun and helped everyone get to know each other better."

Dr Anthony Kiely, Lecturer, Department of Physics, UCC

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"I don’t think I’d be working at Riot Games today if it wasn’t for UCC."

Eoin Murphy, Insights Analyst at Riot Games

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"UCC instilled in me a sense of confidence and independence which has helped me throughout my PhD and my current role."

Frances Lordan, Senior Process Engineer at Intel Ireland

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[My best memory in UCC] "Small group of 20 or physics students who were all quite like-minded people and all got on really well"

Ian O'Driscoll, Associate Director, R&D, Alcon Ireland

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"To a lot of employers out there, a physics degree seems to be seen as a problem-solving degree and almost every industry needs a problem-solver every now and then."

Joseph Cashell, Secondary Science Teacher

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"UCC gave me a great foundation in teaching physics that I have continued to develop through my career."

Kieran McCarthy, Head of A-Level Physics and PSHE Coordinator at St James’ Catholic High School

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I had the opportunity to learn how to become a hands on scientist, trained to think outside the box and grasp complex concepts and ideas both quickly and easily.

Laura Horan, Technical Project Lead and Sensor Specialist

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"UCC had a large role in getting me where I am right now. My Physics degree provided a great background in critical thinking and problem solving, which I use daily in my current role."

Padraic Morrissey, Technology Manager of PIXAPP, World’s First Open Access Photonic Packaging Pilot Lin

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[What appeals to you most about your current role?] "Relevance to real world, faster pace, applied role. Lots of data to play with."

Sorcha Healy, Data Analyst, McAfee

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"I would never have assumed doing a Physics degree could provide these opportunities and UCC gave me the ability to create a pathway through life that has been varied and unexpected."

Vince McCarthy, Co-founder & CEO of The Festival of Curiosity

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School of Physics

Scoil na Fisice

Room 213 (Physics Office), 2nd floor, Kane Science Building, University College Cork, Ireland.,