Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my timetable

1. Semester and Timetable Information on Physics Department website

2. By visiting

3. Via Canvas portal  

How do I contact my lecturers

All contact details for Physics lecturers can be found under 'Our People' section of our website. 

What supports are available to me

All Physics Department staff are available to support you. The main office contact details are; email: or telephone: 021-4902468. UCC also have student support services available for all students whether you require career, exam, wellbeing or financial support, the list is endless, so do not hesitate to reach out and avail of these supports if and when they are needed: Student Support Services

Student Supports Image

If I feel unwell and think I may have Covid

If you have a cough or fever or breathlessness or loss or change in your senses of smell or taste, you may have COVID-19 and testing may be required.

If you have any of these symptms, you should telephone the Student Health Service on (021) 4902311 or your own GP. 

Do not leave your home. You should self-isolate in a closed room and follow the Doctor's advice when they return your phone call.

Do not go to the Student Health Centre, or your Doctor's surgery or or to an A+E. You may put others at risk and may spread infection. 

Continue with the advice you are provided with after calling Student Health or your GP.  

I am lost on campus

If you are lost on campus and cannot find buildings or are looking for campus amenities, please see the UCC Campus Map

For details on rooms, visit here

How do I go about starting an undergraduate degree in Physics

First of all please visit the Study Physics section of our webpage. You will find here all our undergraduate courses that are offered. 

For details on how to apply for any of these courses click here. Feel free to contact us with any further queries you may have. 

MSc or PhD in Physics

Please note we only offer research programmes at present. If you wish to apply for an MSc or PhD in Physics visit here

You will find a list of our research groups and details on how to apply. Also, feel free to contact us with any further queries you may have. 

How do I apply to study Physics at UCC as a mature student

The Mature Students Office at UCC offers great support and advise. From what is needed to be ready to apply, the application process, as well as support while studying as a mature student at UCC. Please see their website here.

International students

The International Student Office in UCC provides a multitude of information from student support, studying, what is required when applying to UCC as an International student, visiting UCC and studying abroad. 

What careers could I potentially avail of once I finish my Physics programme

Career opportunities in physics are as varied as the subject itself. 

On completing a physics degree, there are two main career options – a choice between industry or academic research.

If you wish to continue and do research in Physics at UCC, visit here.

For career details click here

How do I stay connected with UCC after I finish my programme

Here at Physics we would love if you kept in touch after parting ways and here is how you can:

  1. Send us your personal email address to which we will keep on file for use as follows; outreach/events/alumni information and job opportunities. 
  2. Stay connected with us via social media - Facebook: Physics Department UCC - Home | Facebook and Twitter: Department of Physics UCC (@PhysicsUcc) / Twitter
  3. Visit our alumni section of our webpage and see recent graduate profiles and career information
  4. Also UCC has an Alumni department to which you can get involved with. See the benefits that are available to you as alumni of UCC here

How do I find out more about the Crawford Observatory

We are very lucky here in UCC that the Crawford Observatory remains a great asset to our campus.  

Further information can be found here. For visits, please contact the Visitors Centre, UCC. 

Physics Department Event Information

Should you wish to get involved with some of our events throughout the year, do check out our News and Events section on our webpage. 

Such annual events include; Physics Transition Year programme, Tyndall Lecture Series and we also have our weekly seminar series

For UCC open days and a chance to visit campus click here

If you would like to be added to our seminar/event mailing list, please email

Work Experience in the Physics Department

While we currently dont faciliate ongoing work experience in the department, we do invite those interested (usually 4th year students) to check out our annual transition year programme which is currently held in Springtime every year. This week proves very popular for students so we encourage you to express your interest early! Visit here for further information on this programme. 

Information about Graduation/Conferring's

All students should be notified prior to graduation/conferrings by email with full details of the event.  

Visit the following UCC Conferrings webpage which will also provide you with further information such as: 

- conferring dates

- joint UCC parchments 

- revisiting past ceremonies so you get an idea of what the event format is like 

- the relevant contact information 


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