Entry Requirements and Points

Impact of COVID-19 on Teaching

As a result of national public health measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, programme delivery will be via hybrid learning during such period, consisting of both online and face-to-face learning and teaching. The extent of face-to-face learning and teaching will be dictated by the parameters of prevailing national public health requirements.

Minimum Cut-Off Points for Entry - 2020

CK101 Arts 300
CK102 Social Science 412
CK104 Arts-Music # 302
CK105 Film and Screen Media 368
CK107 Geographical & Archaeological Sciences 328
CK108 Arts International 401
CK109 English 318
CK110 World Languages 452
CK111 Early Years and Childhood Studies 419
CK112 Theatre and Performative Practices # 330
CK113 Criminology 423
CK114 Youth & Community Work NA
CK115 Social Work NA
CK118 Digital Humanities & Information Technology 336
CK120 Applied Psychology 533
CK121 Psychology & Computing 466
CK122 Government & Political Science 337
CK123 Anthropology 308 
CK124 BEd Gaeilge 463 
CK125 Sports Studies & Physical Education 510
CK201 Commerce 477
CK202 Accounting 509
CK203 Business Information Systems 430
CK204 Finance 556
CK205 Commerce (International) with French 445
CK206 Commerce (International) with German 420
CK207 Commerce (International) with Italian 388
CK208 Commerce (International) with Hispanic Studies 402
CK209 Commerce (International) with Irish 484
CK211 Commerce (International) with Chinese Studies 397
CK212 Economics (through Transformational Learning) 444
CK213 Food Marketing and Entreprenuership 462
CK214 International Development and Food Policy 346
CK301 Law (Pathways) 507
CK302 Law and French 542
CK304 Law and Irish 540
CK307 Law and Business 556
CK401 Computer Science 468
CK402 Biological & Chemical Science 510
CK404 Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences 467
CK405 Genetics 487
CK406 Chemical Sciences 485
CK407 Mathematical Sciences 566
CK408 Physics and Astrophysics 554
CK409 Industrial Physics 432
CK411 Data Science and Analytics 510
CK412 Agricultural Science 496*
CK504 Nutritional Sciences 518
CK505 Food Science 441
CK600 Engineering 487
CK606 Architecture 484
CR320 Biomedical Science  546 
CK701 Medicine # 731
CK702 Dentistry 613*
CK703 Pharmacy 590
CK704 Occupational Therapy 566
CK705 Speech and Language Therapy 520
CK706 Public Health Sciences 454
CK707 Medical & Health Sciences 542
CK710 General Nursing 454*
CK712 Children’s and General Nursing Integrated 533
CK720 Mental Health Nursing 423
CK730 Intellectual Disability Nursing 419
CK740 Midwifery 484
CK791 Graduate Entry Medicine 57*

#plus selection test/interview

*offers ended on random selection

Admissions Office


1st floor, West Wing, Main Quadrangle, T12 K8AF