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What is Undergraduate Flexi-Options?

Whether you want to study simply for interest and personal enjoyment, to sample a subject area before committing to full-time study, to get ahead at work or to meet specific professional requirements, then modules from one of our undergraduate courses may be suitable for you. We offer a wide choice of modules in a broad range of subjects across the disciplines within the university. You can study up to thirty credits of a degree, but not the full degree.

What are the benefits?

Undergraduate Flexi-Options allows access to a wide range of undergraduate modules in your chosen area of interest without the requirement of undertaking a full programme of study. As a registered UCC student, you have access to campus facilities and to the academic stimulation of an undergraduate peer group.  On successful completion of the module, students receive a transcript of results. This is your certificate of attendance, an official record of having completed the module. 

Can I get a degree from studying Flexi-Options?

No, Flexi-Options is not designed for a student to gain a degree through this route. However if you decide to study for a full-time degree subsequent to completing Flexi-Options modules, you can apply to gain exemptions based on the modules you studied through Flexi-Options, if they are in a cognate area.

Am I suitable for Flexi-Options?

While no formal qualifications are required to take a module, your place on the module is subject to approval by the Head of (Undergraduate EU) Admissions, and you would be expected to provide clear reasons as to why you wish to pursue Flexi-Options.

Please note that Flexi-Options is not available to currently registered students.   

What can I study?

Details of courses are contained in the Academic Programme Catalogue and the Book of Modules.

Before making an application for Flexi-Options please familiarise yourself with the name of the module(s) you wish to be considered for as well as the number of credits for each module and when your chosen module will be running (e.g. Semester 1, Semester 2, or both).  Please also check if pre-requisites or co-requisites apply to your choice of module(s) here.

You may take up to, but no more than, 30 credits, which could be used to gain an exemption if you are subsequently admitted to a relevant degree programme.

Are all modules available to study under Flexi-Options?

The majority of modules are available subject to approval by the Head of (Undergraduate EU) Admissions and to there being space available. Flexi-Options students are not normally accepted for admissions to professional programmes, e.g. Medicine, Engineering. 

Non-law students or those deemed by the Faculty of Law to have inadequate legal education or experience will be required to register for LW1104 Foundations of the Legal System as part of their Flexi-Options credits.

What is the time commitment?

This varies according to each module’s timetable. See the Book of Modules for details. You can expect lectures per module to be spread out over the course of the week, i.e., not blocked together on one day and normally be between 9am and 5pm.

Will I have to sit exams?

Yes, and you will also be expected to attend lectures and complete assignments as outlined in the online Book of Modules.

How much will this cost?

You will be liable to pay per module, in proportion to the full-time fees for the programme that the module is part of.  Details of the full-time fees are available on the Costs for Repeating Modules for the Academic Year/Flexi-Options Fees page.

For information, 5 credits of a general Arts module costs €612, 10 credits costs €1,086 and 15 credits costs €1,559 in the 2023/24 academic year.

Costs per programme vary across the University. Please contact the Fees Office at or +353 (21) 490 3929 /2365 for further information.

There is also an application fee of €50 payable at the time of application.

What is the closing date for applications?

Closing date for Semester 2 applications is Wednesday 10th January at 12pm. 


How do I apply?


Application for Semester 2 (2023/24) is now closed.  Online application for 2024/25 Entry will open in July 2024.

Once you've created an account, select the EU/EFTA/UK Undergraduate Application (Non-CAO) Application option and choose the academic year you're applying for, then follow the instructions to apply. 

Please note that if you were not previously registered in UCC you will be required to upload additional documentation as part of the online application process for this programme. This includes proof of identity (e.g. Birth Certificate or photo page of Passport or Irish NDLS Card) and transcripts of previous studies (if applicable).

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