Transfer/Advanced Entry

Transfer/Advanced Entry to UCC

Advanced Entry/Transfer Application Process:

The Advanced Entry/Transfer process allows students who are studying/have studied at a third level institute other than UCC to apply to enter a year beyond first year of a UCC course. Advanced Entry/Transfer applications are available for all programmes with the exception of Medicine and Dentistry.

The Advanced Entry/Transfer application system will be conducted through the CAO website (

Applications open on 1st June 2018 and close on 6th July 2018.

To be considered for Advanced Entry/Transfer:

  • There must be a vacancy in the course for which the student has applied
  • Applicants must be or have been registered in a cognate Honours Degree programme in their own institute or have completed a Level 7 Ordinary Degree in full.
  • The courses must be compatible in regards to the modules covered between what the applicant has studied/is studying and what is taught in UCC. 
  • Applicants must have passed all years in their previous University.

Please note It is highly unlikely that any applicant would be granted transfer entry into the final year of an undergraduate degree (other than the special entry route into BSc (Hons) Architecture (note 6 below)). Please contact the Admissions Office for any specific queries (

 *The School of Medicine and the School of Dentistry do not accept students transferring from other programmes.*

The following transfer application paths are also available:

1.     Entry into the second year of the Early Childhood Studies programme is available to holders of the following:

a)     Three or four-year, full-time Diplomas/Degrees of QQI HET (HETAC) Ordinary Bachelor Degree in:

  • Diploma in Pre-School Care and Education 
  • Diploma in Social Care 
  • Diploma in Humanities in Montessori Education
  • HETAC Degree in Humanities in Montessori Education

b)     Two year, full-time Higher Certificate in Pre-School Care from QQI HET (HETAC) with Merit or Distinction.

c)     The two year, full-time or three year, part-time Irish St. Nicholas Montessori qualification with an award of Distinction or Highly Commended.

d)     The two year, full-time AMI Montessori Diploma with a minimum of two Grade Cs and one Grade B in the written theory examination, the written practical examination and the oral practical examination.

e)     Qualifications deemed to be the equivalent of any of 1 to 4 (above).

Candidates applying under this category will be selected on the basis of their prior learning - certified and experimental.

A minimum full-time equivalent of 5 years practice experience in a recognised Early Years and Childhood setting will be required 


Evidence of ongoing commitment to personal and professional development (CPD)

In addition, prospective candidates will be required to submit at the application stage [and will be assessed on] a 2,000/3,000 word written assignment on an assigned topic.

Students deemed eligible will be allowed to undertake the supervised placements in the second and third year in their own settings if desired.

There are up to 20 places available on the programme.  Application forms are available from the Admissions Office.


 2.     Entry to the second year of the BComm (Hons) Degree (CK201) and the BComm (International) with Chinese Studies (Hons) (CK211) Degree is available to holders of:

a)     The one-year QQI FET(FETAC) Level 6 Business (6M4985) or QQI FET (FETAC) Level 6 Management (6M4587) (having previously successfully passed a one-year QQI FET(FETAC) Level 5 qualification in Business Studies or equivalent) and who have met the following requirements:

Distinctions (i.e. 80% or greater) in 5 modules in the QQI FET(FETAC) Level 6 which must include the following: 



6N4310 and

Business Management and



Plus three from:


Marketing Communications


Marketing Management

6N3750 or 6N3945

Human Resource Management or Managing People



6N4045 or 6N4322

Business Law or Employment Law


Applied Economics




b)     The two-year Institute of Commercial Management Diploma in Business Studies and who have met the following requirements:

• Obtained at least grade B in all 6 subjects taken in the Summer Examination 
• and obtained at least 3 A grades across all 6 subjects

It is expected there will be up to 5 places available for students presenting with the above qualifications. If the number of applicants exceeds the quota, applicants will be ranked on the basis of their overall results having met the criteria outlined above and the places will be offered to the top-ranked students. In the event there are students with the same ranking, then these students will be ranked on a random number basis within the relevant ranking.

For applicants applying for entry to CK211 Commerce (International) with Chinese Studies, The School of Asian Studies reserves the right to interview prospective students to assess their level of language.

3.     Direct Entry into Year 3 of the BSc (Hons) in Science Education for degree holders in Physics, Chemistry or Biology:

Applicants who hold a degree in Physics, Chemistry or Biology may apply for entry to Year 3 of the BSc (Hons) in Science Education.  If interested, you should apply directly to the Admissions Office for an application form. 


4.     Advanced Entry into Medicine for Dental Graduates beyond First Year:

Dental graduates who have demonstrated their intention of following a career in Oral Medicine and Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery, including full completion of MFD/MFDS will be considered for admission to Medicine beyond First Year and should apply in writing to the Admissions Office, University College Cork. The closing date for application is 1st March each year. Late applications cannot be considered. Dental graduates may be called for interview. This is subject to the availability of places.

Full details on the application procedure may be obtained from the Admissions Office.


5.     Direct Entry to Year 4 of the Joint UCC/CIT BSc (Hons) Architecture programme:

Applicants who hold a Level 7 or Level 8 Architecture qualification may apply for direct entry to Year 4 of the UCC/CIT BSc (Hons) Architecture programme. Please note that Interior Architecture and Architectural Technology qualifications will not be considered eligible for application to this entry route.


6.     Entry at a level beyond first year for Medicine & Dentistry:

The School of Medicine and the School of Dentistry do not accept students transferring from other programmes.

Please contact the Admissions Office at with any queries.

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