BComm Direct Entry

Direct Entry into BComm

Entry to the second year of the BComm (Hons) Degree (CK201) is available to holders of:

a)     The one-year QQI FET(FETAC) Level 6 Business (6M4985) or QQI (FET)FETAC Level 6 Management (6M4587) (having previously successfully passed a one year QQI FET(FETAC) Level 5 qualification in Business Studies or equivalent) and who have met the following requirements:

Distinctions (i.e. 80% or greater) in 5 modules in the QQI FET(FETAC) Level 6 which must include the following: 

  • 6N4310 - Business Management and
  • 6N1950 - Communications

Plus three from:

  • 6N4370 - Marketing Communications
  • 6N4188 - Marketing Management
  • 6N3750 - Human Resource Management or 6N3945 - Managing People
  • 6N4165 - Finance
  • 6N4045 - Business Law or 6N4322 - Employment Law
  • 6N4091 - Applied Economics
  • 6N4089 - Spreadsheets 

b)     The two-year Institute of Commercial Management Diploma in Business Studies and who have met the following requirements:

• Obtained at least grade B in all 6 subjects taken in the Summer Examination 
• and obtained at least 3 A grades across all 6 subjects

It is expected there will be up to 5 places available for students presenting with the above qualifications. If the number of applicants exceeds the quota, applicants will be ranked on the basis of their overall results having met the criteria outlined above and the places will be offered to the top-ranked students. In the event there are students with the same ranking, then these students will be ranked on a random number basis within the relevant ranking.


Admissions Office


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