Early Years and Childhood Studies

Direct Entry Early Years & Childhood Studies

1.     Entry into the second year of the Early Childhood Studies programme is available to holders of the following:

a)     Three or four-year, full-time Diplomas/Degrees of QQI HET (HETAC) Ordinary Bachelor Degree in:

  • Diploma in Pre-School Care and Education 
  • Diploma in Social Care 
  • Diploma in Humanities in Montessori Education
  • HETAC Degree in Humanities in Montessori Education

b)     Two year, full-time Higher Certificate in Pre-School Care from QQI HET (HETAC) with Merit or Distinction.

c)     The two year, full-time or three year, part-time Irish St. Nicholas Montessori qualification with an award of Distinction or Highly Commended.

d)     The two year, full-time AMI Montessori Diploma with a minimum of two Grade Cs and one Grade B in the written theory examination, the written practical examination and the oral practical examination.

e)     Qualifications deemed to be the equivalent of any of 1 to 4 (above).

f)      Recognition of Prior Learning

Candidates applying under this category will be selected on the basis of their prior learning - certified and experimental.

A minimum full-time equivalent of 5 years practice experience in a recognised Early Years and Childhood setting will be required 


Evidence of ongoing commitment to personal and professional development (CPD)

In addition, prospective candidates will be required to submit at the application stage [and will be assessed on] a 2,000/3,000 word written assignment on an assigned topic.

Students deemed eligible will be allowed to undertake the supervised placements in second and third year in their own settings if desired.

There are up to 20 places available on the programme.  

The application process is now closed.

Admissions Office


1st floor, West Wing, Main Quadrangle, T12 K8AF