A-Level Subject Requirements


There are two stages in the evaluation process:

1.  The first stage requires an applicant's results to meet the Minimum Entry/Matriculation Requirements and specific subject requirements of a programme. If you are presenting subjects through a GCE/GCSE examination programme ensure that you refer to the National University of Ireland listing of which A-level/GCSE subjects are mutually exclusive for basic eligibility.

2.  The second stage requires an applicant's results to meet the Points of a programme.  The Points Requirement for each individual programme is determined by the demand for that programme as well as the standard of school leaving examination results of all applicants for that programme.  A-Level applicants compete on Points Equivalences as outlined in the tables which follow.

1. Minimum Entry/Matriculation Requirements:

Level 8

2 Subjects at GCE A-Level Grade C and 4 other subjects at GCSE Level Grade C
OC = GCSE Grade C
AC = A2 Level, Grade C
AB = A2 Level, Grade B

Applied A-Level/Vocational subjects are not accepted for matriculation or entry purposes. 

Single Sitting:

A-level Grades taken over a single sitting may be combined with AS Grades from the same year or 1 year previous.

Consecutive Autumn (November), Winter (January) and June (Summer) results, in that order, would be considered part of the same examination 'sitting' only.

For Medicine Applicants: A-Level applicants must satisfy minimum entry requirements for the programme within three consecutive years, e.g. GCSE (2020), AS Levels (2021) and A-Levels (2022).

English Language Competence:  Grade C at GCSE level or equivalent English Language competence

Points Equivalences: 2022 Entry

 First 3 A-LevelsFourth A-Level (A2)Or AS-Level
A* 185 45  31 
A 156 38 26
B 131 32 22
C 106 26 18
D 84 20 14
E 63 15 11

*Extended project (EPQ) is scored as an AS level and A* is available in this.

Notes Universities and associated colleges

  1. A maximum of four different recognised subjects, which are not mutually exclusive, will be counted.
  2. If 4 A-levels are presented, the lowest grade is scored at a lower rate.
  3. Only A-level grades awarded at the same date can be considered for computation.
  4. Applicants are scored on the basis of their best four A-levels, or three A-levels and an AS level in a different subject from the same or preceding year. (note one A-level grade from the previous year may be substituted for an AS grade but will only be scored as an AS).
  5. Grades in the same subject in A2 and AS level cannot be combined.
  6. Please note that these points equivalences are indicative only. In the case of high demand programmes such as Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, a numerus clausus may operate.
  7. Please note that A-level scoring will be reviewed before year entry.

Bonus Points

25 additional points will be awarded for a Grade E or better in A2 Mathematics.  This will apply to only ONE Mathematics subject of the following:  Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Pure Mathematics, and only where that subject is used as one of the subjects for scoring purposes.   NB:  Mathematics and Pure Mathematics cannot be counted separately for points purposes.

Documents to be sent to CAO:

If you are applying on the basis of GCE/GCSE exams to be taken this year, you must provide the Exam Board, Centre Number, Candidate Number, Subject(s) and Level in the spaces provided. For any GCE/GCSE examinations which you have already completed, and for which a certificate has been issued, you must post certified A4 photocopies (certified by a school stamp) of the appropriate certificates to CAO. Please Note: Certificates or statements of results must be issued by the exam boards (containing the exam board logo). Documents produced by schools will not be sufficient. Boards other than CIE, CCEA, UCLES, WJEC, OCR, EDEXCEL, AQA, and AEB must be entered

Table Key for A Level Requirements below: 

*Finished on Random

** Students must present AC in either a Laboratory Science subject, Mathematics or Applied Mathematics

***AC in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics;  if the AC is in Applied Mathematics, a D at A2 Level in Mathematics is also required

#Plus Selection Test/Interview

FR - French; GE - German; IT - Italian; IR - Irish; SP - Spanish; LA - Latin; GR - Greek                                                                                                                         


To compare the subject requirements in terms of Irish Leaving Certificate as specified on the UCC website, use the following table:

                                               Subject Grade Comparison:

                       NB NOT for points conversion  -  for this see separate table below   

Leaving Cert  A-level (A2) AS          Leaving Cert A-level (A2) AS       GCSE  
H1 A   O1 C B 9/A* 




C C 8/A 
H3  B   O3 D C 7/A
H4  C   O4 E D 6/B
H5  C   O5 E D 5/C
H6  D  C O6 E D 4/C
H7 E  D        


2022 A-Level Subject Requirements and 2021 Entry Points


College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences

Programme English Other Language Maths Lab Science Other

2021 Points

CK101 Arts OC* OC                   300
CK102 Social Science OC OC       434
CK104 Arts-Music #
OC OC     Restricted Entry/Entrance Exam 339
CK105 Film and Screen Media OC OC       421
CK108 Arts (International)  OC OC       440*
CK109 English         OC OC       367
CK110 World Languages OC AB       488
CK111 Early Years & Childhood Studies OC OC       409
CK112 Theatre & Performative Practices #
OC OC     Restricted Entry/Entrance Exam 371

CK113 Criminology

OC OC       464
CK114 Social Science (Youth & Community Work) OC OC     Mature Entry/QQI Entry  Restricted Entry
CK115 Social Work - Mature Applicants Only OC OC     Mature Entry Only Mature Entry
CK118 Digital Humanities and Information Technology OC OC                                         347
CK120 Applied Psychology OC OC       544
CK121 Psychology and Computing OC OC OA/AD     499
CK122 Government and Political Science OC OC       399
CK123 Anthropology OC OC       308 
CK124 Education-Gaeilge OC OC     AB in Irish  473
CK125 Sports Studies & Physical Education OC OC       564


College of Business and Law

Programme English Other Language Maths Lab Science Other 2021 Entry Points
CK201 Commerce OC OC OC     500
CK202 Accounting                                                                     OC OC OC     553
CK203 Business Information Systems                                        OC OC OC  

CK204 Finance OC OC OC     566*
CK212 Economics (through Transformational Learning)               OC OC                                             OC      445
CK213 Food Marketing & Entrepreneurship OC OC  OC     466 
CK214 International Development OC OC  OC     332 
CK215 International Business with Languages  OC  OC OC   AB in a Language Other than English N/A 
CK301 Law (Pathways) OC OC       533
CK302 Law with French OC AB French       545
CK304 Law with Irish OC OC     AB Irish 588
CK307 Law and Business OC OC  OC     589*


College of Science, Engineering and Food Science

Programme English Other Language Maths Lab Science Other 2021 Entry Points
CK401 Computer Science OC                                              OA/AD     503
CK402 Biological and Chemical Sciences                                        OC   OC AC**
CK404 Environment & Earth Systems Sciences                        OC   OC AC**
CK405 Genetics OC   OC AC Biology   543
CK406 Chemical Sciences OC   OC AC**
CK407 Mathematical Sciences OC   AB     566
CK408 Physics and Astrophysics OC   OC AC**   566
CK409 Industrial Physics OC   AC*** AC   465
CK411 Data Science & Analytics OC   AB     531
CK412 Agricultural Science OC   OC AC**   506 
CK504 Nutritional Sciences OC   OC AC**
CK505 Food Science OC   OC AC**
CK600 Engineering OC   AC***
OC   510
CK606 Architecture (Joint Programme with CIT) OC   OC     543
CR320 Biomedical Sciences (Joint Programme with CIT) OC   OC AC   590*


College of Medicine and Health

Programme English Other Language Maths Lab Science Other 2021 Entry Points
CK701 Medicine # OC OC OC AC Chem and either Physics or Biology HPAT 738
CK702 Dentistry                                                              OC OC OC AC Chem and either Physics or Biology   625*
CK703 Pharmacy                                               OC OC OC AC Chem and either Physics or Biology

CK704 Occupational Therapy OC OC OC AC   601*
CK705 Speech & Language Therapy OC OC OC AC AC in Language other than English  568
CK706 Public Health Sciences OC OC OC AC**
CK707 Medical and Health Sciences OC   OC AC Chem and OC in  either Physics, Biology or Agricultural Science AC in another subject 578*
CK710 General Nursing OC   OC OC   498*
CK712 Children's & General Nursing (Integrated) OC   OC OC   565
CK720 Mental Health Nursing OC   OC OC   455
CK730 Intellectual Disability Nursing OC   OC OC   431
CK740 Midwifery OC   OC OC   509*
CK791 Graduate Entry Medicine #         GAMSAT 60*

BTEC Entry

If you are applying to UCC with a BTEC Award, you can find out more about your application here.

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