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Course Code: CK101

Course Title: Arts

College: Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences


Duration: 3 years

Teaching Mode: Full-time

Qualifications: BA (Hons)

NFQ Level: Level 8

Costs: The State will pay the tuition fees for full-time EU students who satisfy the Free Fees Criteria. In 2017/18 the Student Contribution Charge will be €3,000 and the Capitation Fee is expected to be €165.

Entry Requirements: H5 in two subjects, and O6/H7 in four other subjects in the Leaving Certificate from Irish, English, another language, and three other subjects recognised for entry purposes

Entry Points: 2017: 346.


The BA degree is a broad degree, offering a wide variety of subjects, which means you will have an equally diverse range of postgraduate and career options following your degree. Aside from specific subject knowledge, you will also gain intellectual, social and management skills that can be applied in a variety of jobs.

This is a full-time three-year honours programme. You will study four subjects in Year 1. In Year 2 you will choose two subjects from Year 1 and continue with them to degree level. Arts at UCC offers:

  • 30+ subject choices (see course details below)
  • a unique Arts work-placement module
  • the opportunity to change your mind on any subject choices in the initial weeks of Year 1

Course Details

Year 1 Modules:

You will select four subjects from the following, selecting no more than one from each group:

Groups 2(a) and 2(b): Students can combine group 2(b) History of Art with any subject from Group 2 (a) in First Year only. Students can only study one subject from Group (2a) and 2(b) in Second and Third Year.

**Groups 6(a) and 6(b):  Students may not combine Italian with Celtic Civilisation or Philosophy in Second Year.  Students may not combine Geography with Celtic Civilisation, Philosophy or Spanish in Second Year.

Year 2/3 Modules:

You will continue with two of the four subjects from Year 1. You also have the option of dividing the courses (modules) evenly or taking more courses in one subject and less in the other.

See the College Calendar for more detailed information on the Programme and the Book of Modules for a more detailed description of Programme Modules.   

Detailed Entry Requirements

Leaving Certificate entry requirements:

H5 in two subjects, and O6/H7 in four other subjects in the Leaving Certificate from Irish, English, another language, and three other subjects recognised for entry purposes.

Additional requirements: There are further subject specific requirements for subjects on offer through the BA. You can find out details on language-specific entry requirements in the points-to-note  section in the Arts and Arts International pages of the UCC calendar.

Mature students: Mature applicants should apply directly through the CAO and must sit the MSAP exam. There are approx. 75 places available on this course for mature students. There are certain subject requirements before a student can select some subjects in Year 1, e.g. Leaving Certificate standard Irish is needed to study Irish.

International Students should visit the International Education website. 

FETAC Requirements

Application Procedure

EU Applicants: Application to Year 1 of the degree programme is made directly through the Central Applications Office (CAO). Applicants should apply online at www.cao.ie. The normal closing date for receipt of completed applications is 1st February of the year of entry.

Non-EU Applicants

Mature Applicants:  Application is made through the CAO and the closing date for the receipt of completed applications is 1st February of the year of proposed entry.  Applicants must also apply for the  MSAP exam. 

Course Practicalities

Expected lecture hours: Lectures are scheduled Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Each student’s timetable will differ depending on the subjects selected. In First Arts, each subject entails three to four lectures per week plus a one-hour tutorial. Even though you will take only two subjects after Year 1, the workload is broadly similar. Each 5-credit module has about 24 one-hour lectures. Students take 60 credits worth of modules each year.

Expected lab/practical hours: Language subjects will have additional weekly language laboratories.

Field trips: Archaeology and Geography require students to attend field trips.



Written exams will take place before Christmas and in May.  Not all modules will have formal examinations.  Many modules use other types of assessment including essay, in-class test, learning journals.   

Some modules carry a percentage of the mark from Year 2 into final year.


Who Teaches This Course

This degree will be taught by academic staff members with the assistance of postgraduate doctoral students.

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