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Undergraduate Academic Calendar

For more detailed information on the undergraduate courses that are on offer, please visit: http://www.ucc.ie/academic/calendar/

Book of Modules

The Book of Modules contains information on modularisation along with descriptions for all modules offered in the University's modularised courses. Please visit the following link: http://www.ucc.ie/academic/modules/

Fitness to Practice

Some students are required to undertake placement and training that involve dealing directly with patients, clients or service users. Since it is of over-riding importance to protect members of the public from harm and to maintain the trust and confidence of the general public in the professions and the University, it is vital that students are deemed fit to practise while on placement. To describe an individual as ‘Fit to Practise’ in the context of certain professions is to say that he/she possesses the attributes considered necessary in an individual to allow on-going practice as an independent practitioner in the relevant profession. 

For further information on Fitness to Practise policies and procedures click here: http://www.ucc.ie/en/academicsecretariat/fitnesstopractise/

How Do I Apply?

Application Procedure for All Programmes (except Medicine and Dentistry)

An application for up to 2 programmes should be made directly to the International Office using our online application system. Applicants must provide required supporting documents as outlined in the Supporting Documents Checklist below.  

Click on ‘Apply Now’ to begin your application journey. Applications are now open and will remain open until Friday 31st May 2019.

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Application Procedure for Medicine and Dentistry

Applications for Medicine and Dentistry can only be made through designated UCC agents. Each agent has a specific closing date (approximately November/December 2018). Please contact the relevant agent for information on the application procedure and closing dates: 

  • US and Canada: 
  • Applicants apply through The Atlantic Bridge Program. Contact through: www.atlanticbridge.com
  • Singapore
  • Applicants apply through Region Development.  Telephone +65 63392866
  • Malaysia:
    Applicants apply through our Malaysian Office. Email info@iumc.com.my or telephone +603 2615 7987 
  • Thailand:
    Applicants apply through Study Ireland. Email seamus.mchugh@studyireland.education or  telephone +66 (0) 818159300 
  • Countries not specified:
    Applicants apply through Study Ireland. Email seamus.mchugh@studyireland.education or  telephone +66 (0) 818159300 


Supporting Documents Checklist

Below is a checklist of documents that must be provided at minimum with your application: 

Opening and Closing Dates
 for All Programmes (except Medicine and Dentistry)

Applications have opened on Thursday 6th December 2018

The closing date for receipt of applications is Friday 31st May 2019.


For Step-By-Step Guide to complete the Undergraduate Online Application at UCC360, please see the Undergraduate Online Application Process Guide.


Am I an EU or Non-EU Student?

For admission purposes all applicants are categorised into two categories: EU or Non-EU. Please check our "Am I an EU or Non-EU Student" page to determine your category: EU or Non-EU Undergraduate

How is my application processed?

  • Complete applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and places are given on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Applications are reviewed by the International Office and are then sent to the relevant academic department for consideration.
  • A decision is made on individual assessment of each application. The International Office will send a Letter of Acceptance or Conditional Letter of Acceptance to successful applicants.
  • This process takes approximately 3-5 weeks from the date of receipt of your completed application.
  • Below is a sample timeline from the application stage to the registration for successful candidates: 

Availability of Places

University College Cork reserves the right to limit the number of admissions to any programme in the light of the availability of places for that programme.

Allocation / Acceptance of Place

The International Office will inform all applicants as soon as possible, following receipt of completed application forms and all other required documentation, of the outcome of their application.

List of Agents and Partners

List of UCC Approved Agents 2018

Entry Requirements

Applications will be considered from applicants whose qualifications are equivalent to the Irish Leaving Certificate. Applications will be considered on a case by case basis. For the minimum subject requirements for each undergraduate programme, please refer to the Undergraduate Prospectus at the following link: What can I study?

Select Your Region

Special Requirements

CK104 Arts - Music: Applicants are required to pass a music entrance exam. International applicants are permitted to send a CD/DVD with examples of their musical ability, if unable to attend in person.

CK112 - Drama and Theatre Studies: Applicants are required to pass a special drama workshop and interview. This can be arranged via Skype where applicants are unable to attend in person.

CK115 Social Work: The BSW Degree Programme is only available to those who have reached 23 years of age by 1 January of the year of proposed entry to UCC. 

CK114 Youth and Community Work: This programme is only available to those who have reached 23 years of age by 1 January of the year of proposed entry to UCC. Shortlisted International applicants will be invited for interview via Skype.

CK606 Architecture: Applicants must submit a portfolio of 5-7 drawings demonstrating drawing ability in support of their application.


Minimum Age Requirements

For 2019 entry, full-time degree students must normally have reached 17 years of age by 15th January 2020. Where a candidate below that age seeks to enter UCC, a special application must be made to the President of the University.


Undergraduate English Language Requirements

All applicants whose first language is not English must provide evidence of English language proficiency through the following recognised tests: IELTS or TOEFL. English language tests must be undertaken no more than two years prior to commencement of a programme

IELTS Minimum Requirements

College Programmes  IELTS
College of Arts, Celtic Studies, and Social Sciences All Programmes  6.5 
Minimum individual sections 5.5
College of Business and Law Business Programmes 6.0 
Minimum individual sections 5.5
Law Programmes 6.5 
Minimum individual sections 5.5
College of Science, Engineering and Food Science All Programmes (Except Architecture) 6.0 
Minimum individual sections 5.5
Architecture 6.5 
Minimum individual sections 6.0
College of Medicine and Health All Programmes (Except Speech and Language Therapy) 6.5 
Minimum individual sections 6.5
Speech and Language Therapy 7.0 
Minimum individual sections 6.5

 TOEFL Minimum Requirements

College Programmes  TOEFL
College of Arts, Celtic Studies, and Social Sciences All Programmes  TOEFL 90  
Listening - 17; Reading - 18;
Speaking - 20; Writing 17
College of Business and Law Business Programmes TOEFL 80  
Listening - 17; Reading - 18; 
Speaking - 20; Writing 17
Law Programmes TOEFL 90 
Listening - 17; Reading - 18; 
Speaking - 20; Writing 17
College of Science, Engineering and Food Science All Programmes (Except Architecture) TOEFL 80  
Listening - 17; Reading - 18; 
Speaking - 20; Writing 17
Architecture TOEFL 90  
Listening - 20; Reading - 19; 
Speaking - 21; Writing 20
College of Medicine and Health All Programmes (Except Speech and Language Therapy) TOEFL 90  
Listening - 23; Reading - 21; 
Speaking - 22; Writing 23
Speech and Language Therapy TOEFL 100
Listening - 23; Reading - 21; 
Speaking - 22; Writing 23

UCC English Language Centre

The UCC Language Centre can help you to acquire the English language skills you will need in your undergraduate studies. For more information on the English courses which are offered at the Language Centre, please follow the link: http://www.ucc.ie/en/esol/

What Will It Cost?

List of Tuition Fees

The 2019-2020 Undergraduate Fees Schedule is available at: www.ucc.ie/en/financeoffice/fees/


Payment Methods

UCC offers International Students four methods for payment of fees. Please click on the appropriate button below to choose your preferred payment method.

pay to studywire transfer
cheque or bank draftcredit card


Tuition Fees Payment Deadline

All International Students are required to pay a non-refundable deposit when accepting a place at University College Cork, details of which will be specified on their individual offer letter. The tuition fee balance must be paid no later than the 1st August unless stated otherwise on the offer letter.

International Students in receipt of Government funding or a loan from a recognised loan institution should supply documentary evidence of same in lieu of paying fees upfront.


Tuition Fee in Instalments

Normally all International Students in Year 1 are required to pay their fees in full prior to registration. Students in Year 2 and beyond can pay their tuition fees in two instalments.



Students may qualify for exemptions from particular modules in their overall degree if they have completed a degree or another recognised qualification. Enquiries regarding exemptions should be made directly to the relevant academic department. If you are granted an exemption, you will be refunded the fee for that particular module.


Cost of Living

Students will need to budget for accommodation, food, books, transportation, utilities and other personal expenses, and these can be viewed at our cost of living section: Cost of Living

Orientation and Semester Dates

To view the orientation and semester dates for undergraduate students, please follow this link: Key Dates

Plan for Ireland

Student Info Hub

Moving to a new university, new city, and new country is exciting, but not without challenges. Our Student Support Information is designed to give you as much assistance as possible before you arrive in Ireland, after you arrive at UCC and when living in CorkSome important steps include:

Visas and Immigration

For information on visa and immigration please click on the following link: Visa and Immigration


For information on accommodation please click on the following link: Accommodation

Orientation and Registration

For information on orientation and registration please click on the following link: Orientation and Registration

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