Pre-sessional Courses

Closed for applications for pre-sessional 2020 courses.

UCC provides a range of Pre-Sessional courses for students who need to improve their academic and general English language skills in order to complete their chosen course of study at UCC.

The Pre-Sessional courses are suitable for students who;

  1. feel they do not have the academic or general English language skills necessary to succeed at University.
  2. have not achieved their required level of English for acceptance onto their Undergraduate or Postgraduate course.

Important notice 

  • English Language Requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes can be found at
  • UCC has approved the use of the Duolingo English Test (DET) as a temporary measure for the 2020 intake to degree programmes.
  • During the period where travel is disrupted by Covid-19, all pre-sessionals will be moving online. 
  • Successful completion of an online pre-sessional will satisfy the English language entry requirements for your chosen degree programme.

"I had not believed in any online course until I completed the Pre-sessional Course of UCC Language Centre"

Ngo Nam Chau, from Thailand, likes to be called Joe

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"The online pre-sessional course was very effective, I really feel I am live face to face, it feels like a real class, with my teachers and classmates"

Amal Al Bahoshi, from Oman

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"The scheduled time is reasonable, and I can learn useful knowledge, though It was challenging"

Zhuyao Gao from China

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12 & 6 - WEEK MODULAR ONLINE PRE-SESSIONAL COURSES (for those with a DET result)

Applying with a Duolingo English Test result (special arrangement for 2020 intake) please see Your application journey at UCC with a DET resultdocument for information relating to your application journey. 

Applicants will be given a free, supportive Skills Check by a Language Centre teacher, and advised which modules they need to take.

IT Requirements

A web camera, microphone and access to reliable internet/Wi-Fi are required.  Also, keyboard is needed which has English language set-up or Pinyin (for China)


For further details, please check our Online Modular Pre-sessional Flyer 2020.

Successful completion of the online modular pre-sessional will satisfy English language entry requirements for chosen degree programme.

PRE-SESSIONAL COURSES (Non-modular) - Moving Online for 2020 (for those applying with IELTS)

Applying with an IELTS Result

Both the 10 and 6-week pre-sessional courses below will move online for 2020.  Dates are not changing.  Assessment and course content will remain the same for both courses.  Overall hours will increase to account for the demands that an online course makes on the learning process and to ensure students achieve their required result.
Course   Options Dates


Study Hours

PriceCurrent English Level 

English Language requirement for chosen Degree programme


15 June  to 21 August 2020


32 hours per week

15 hours interactive online group classes 
17 hours guided self-study



IELTS Overall 5.5 (with no skill less than 5.0)



IELTS Overall 5.0 (with no skill less than 5.0)



13 July  to 21 August 2020


30 hours per week 

15 hours interactive online group classes 
15 hours guided self-study



IELTS Overall 6.0 (with no skill less than 5.5)


IELTS Overall 5.5 (with no skill less than 5.0)


Course options Dates

Study hours

PriceCurrent English Level 




To be confirmed - contact us

22 classroom hours per week €550 Suitable for students who have attained their required level of English and have a full offer from UCC.


Course details for online 10 and 6-week pre-sessional courses (non-modular)
10 and 6-week online classes will be from 10am – 1pm Irish time.
Assessment and course content for both courses will not change from what is in the original documents.  

Please check Pre-Sessional Information Flyer 2020 V4 &  Pre-sessional Course content for 2/6/10 weeks

Both courses will be delivered wholly online. Online group classes will be conducted on Canvas.  Students will be able to access material for self-study on this platform and will be able to upload assignments onto Canvas. 

The self-study element will be prescribed work from teachers which will focus on specific elements of the programme. Students will be provided with the necessary material and resources through Canvas in order to fulfill the learning outcomes of the programme. Tasks will include watching powerpoint presentations, reading a range of texts and submitting answers, completing online grammar and vocabulary tasks, submitting guided written tasks, links to websites with prescribed tasks.

Hardware requirements:

Students will need a desktop/laptop with camera and audio facilities i.e. speakers and microphone/headphones.  

Students will also need a stable internet connection.


**Closed for applications for pre-sessional 2020 courses** 

For those applying for an online pre-sessional with a DET result:

  • Please email your application form quoting ‘Online Pre-sessional (DET)’ followed by your name in the subject line.
  • You can download Online modular pre-sessional application form 2020.
  • Attach a copy of the UCC Conditional Acceptance together with a copy of current DET result.
  • Should travel restrictions be lifted, UCC may decide to also reinstate the in-person, campus-based pre-sessional.

For those applying for a pre-sessional course with an IELTS result: 

  • Please email quoting ‘Pre-sessional’ followed by your name in the subject line.
  • A copy of the UCC Conditional Acceptance together with a copy of current IELTS certification, to be submitted with Pre-sessional 2020 Application Form V3
  • 10-week and 6-week pre-sessional courses will move online for 2020.

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