Pre-sessional Course

Pre-Sessional Course

This one-week pre-sessional course will prepare you with a foundation of the academic knowledge and skills you require for your new journey at UCC, in addition to developing your social and intercultural communication skills.

This course is aimed at all international (ESOL) students of UCC who are entering either an undergraduate or postgraduate programme and who have an unconditional offer.


  • Dates: Monday August 28th – Friday September 1st 2017 (1 week)
  • Times: 9.00-13.00 plus one afternoon from 14.00-16.00
  • Cost:  €275
  • Registeration: Contact  by August 14th 2017 ‘Pre-sessional followed by your name in the subject line’

Application Form is downloadable from the following link:

To download the course details, please click Pre-Sessional Course information 2017 (421kB)



Critical Thinking


The ability to analyse the information that you will encounter is vital in an educational setting. You will learn different strategies to use in order to analyse, assess, reason and evaluate reading texts.

Academic Conventions

You will study the different conventions for referencing and, in addition, ways to avoid plagiarism.

Collaborative and Dialogic Learning

In order to make the most of your time at UCC, it is very important to be able to participate fully in your tutorials and seminars. Many of these will involve working with your peers and having the confidence to ask questions. You will learn how to communicate effectively and discuss topical issues with others.

Autonomous Learning

The ability to learn by yourself is vital in order to succeed in your new pathway. You will be shown a wide range of methods to help you become more autonomous and in turn a better learner. 

Inter-Cultural Communication

Every country has its own, unique culture which in addition to many others includes colloquialisms and differences in pronunciation. You will learn many of these such as why the Irish say ‘I’m here since January’ and ‘I’m after finishing my essay’.


Giving presentations is part of most University programmes. Participants will learn both the structure of and the language used in presentations and will also get a chance to give a mini-presentation to their peers.  


*Language issues (grammatical or lexical) will be dealt with as they arise


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