Year-round English Courses

Full-time Programme

Term 1: 2 September - 20 December (16 weeks)
Term 2: 13 January - 9 April (13 weeks)
Term 3: 20 April - 19 June (9 weeks)

Course Overview

 We have full-time courses in General English for all levels from Elementary (A2) to Proficiency (C2).  The General English courses place emphasis on developing students' overall ability to communicate confidently in English. They also prepare students for international exams such as IELTS and Cambridge English.

The minimum enrolment period is 1 week and you can start any Monday of the academic year.

  • Monday to Friday: 9 am - 1 pm +an extra optional free class for all 20-hour students on one afternoon each week.  Day to be advised on the first morning of the course
  • 20 hours of tuition per week + 2 hours free workshop each week

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Course Details


Course Aims:

UCC Language Centre aims to help students develop their English speaking, listening, reading, writing and communication skills in a practical and focused manner to allow them to live, work, study and travel effectively in English-speaking contexts.

Course Description:

Studying English at UCC Language Centre allows students to improve their English language knowledge and develop their communicative ability in an international university setting with small classes with a mix of student nationalities from around the world. Classes are available at Levels A2 to C2, including interim level classes (e.g. B2 and B2+).

  • Teachers are all qualified to a minimum Level 9 and/or Delta and all have extensive experience of teaching at university level as well as in a general context.
  • Classes focus on English skills development in speaking, listening, reading and writing, as well as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Exam skills and English for academic purposes are included in courses aimed at exam / university candidates.
  • All courses begin with a placement test for new students to ensure their class is at the correct level for their current ability and to allow effective and swift progress.
  • Teachers and students have regular, scheduled meetings to assess individual progress.
  • Free to all full-time students: weekly teacher-led Language Enrichment and Activation Programme

To check Full-time course description, please click the following link Full-time Course Description.

Sample Timetable for Full-time Students



New Students: 

Placement Test & Induction

Language focus: grammar analysis and practice

Integrated Skills: using grammar in context. Developing accuracy when speaking and writing

Exam focus (e.g. speaking practice)

Listening focus Reading skills

Presentation or test


11.00-11.30 Break
11.30-13.00 Functions practice: developing use of English in context Exam focus (e.g. word formation) Writing focus Speaking focus Review of language and skills studied during the week

LEAP Programme

(e.g. Tour of Cork City / How to recognise varieties of English)


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