Year-round English Courses

Course Overview

(ILEP number 0341/0007

We have full-time courses in General English for all levels from Elementary (A2) to Proficiency (C2).  The General English courses place emphasis on developing students' overall ability to communicate confidently in English. They also prepare students for international exams such as IELTS and Cambridge English.

Our full-time programme has an academic track which can accommodate students from CEFR A2 onwards and would be suitable for those looking for a pre-foundation programme. 

The minimum enrolment period is 1 week and you can start any Monday of the academic year.

  • Monday to Friday: 9 am - 1 pm +an extra optional free class for all 20-hour students on one afternoon each week.  Day to be advised on the first morning of the course
  • 20 hours of tuition per week + 2 hours free workshop each week

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Course Details


Course Aims:

UCC Language Centre aims to help students develop their English speaking, listening, reading, writing and communication skills in a practical and focused manner to achieve their English-language targets. It is student-focused and aims to

  • engage students in improving their language skills through targeted skills classes and associated self-study
  • raise English language proficiency to facilitate each student’s aims and goals
  • give students the chance to grow in confidence using English in both academic and general situations

Course Description: 

(ILEP number 0341/0007)

Our courses have individualised elements to allow students to choose either a vocational or an academic track to meet their learning needs. The academic track focuses on the academic skills and literacies to allow students to study further in English-medium third-level education. The vocational track focuses on topics and skills to allow students to live and work effectively in English-speaking contexts.


Studying English at UCC Language Centre allows students to develop their English language communicative ability in an international university setting in small classes with a mix of student nationalities from around the world. The programme follows the principles of UCC’s connected curriculum to foster real-world usage of the English language in contexts relevant to students’ interests and aims.


  • All courses begin with a placement test and Needs Analysis for new students on the first day. The Placement Test is to ensure the student joins a class at the correct level for their current ability. The Needs Analysis is to determine whether the student would be best suited to the academic or vocational track and to identify their individual language needs.
  • All classes focus on English skills development in speaking, listening, reading and writing, as well as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Classes are available at Levels A2 to C2, including interim level classes where appropriate (e.g. B2 and B2+).
  • Academic Track classes use information from the Needs Analysis to provide personalised lessons to fulfil identified student needs and introduce students to the language and study skills expected in an English-medium academic environment
  • Vocational Track classes use information from the Needs Analysis to provide personalised lessons to fulfil identified student needs in order to live, work or travel in an English-speaking context
  • Students receive continuous support, assessment and progress tutorials throughout their course to allow them the opportunity to monitor and discuss their progression and individual English language learning needs with their tutors.
  • Tutors are all qualified to a minimum Level 9 and/or Delta and all have extensive experience of teaching at university level as well as in international contexts.
  • Free to all full-time students: weekly teacher-led communicative Language Enrichment and Activation Programme
  • Courses are organised into 4-6 week cycles to include
    • English language skills and systems teaching
    • formative and summative assessment to ensure clear progress
    • project work
    • cultural, university and community sessions
    • tuition based on student language needs
    • Guest lecture
  • All students receive support to plan their next steps in their career or education. University facilities such as the Careers Office are available and many students continue their studies at UCC at UG or PG level.

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Sample Timetable

SAMPLE TIMETABLE for full-time students, giving example activities. This is not a comprehensive timetable but an illustration of what to expect in a week.


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